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As soon as I'm done taking care of these cute babes, I'll get right back to you!
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  1. I was somehow redirected to your site while looking for an almond thin recipe -- how it came to bring me here is now a mystery, as I've been reading your blog for about 20 minutes and forgot about the outside world for a while. I've been struggling with my prayer life lately and reading your blog has given me some measure of peace and renewed purpose. If you are ever in doubt that pouring out your heart to all us "strangers on the web" has any effect, rest assured that today, you made a difference. Thank you, from a new reader, Michelle G

    1. Michelle! WOW. Thank you for sharing that! I don't even eat almonds (allergy) -- so it's super crazy that you were lead to my blog!!! God has mysterious ways. That truly means so much. There ARE definitely moments when all of "this" seems pointless. I think the devil is good with lies like that. Thank you so much for telling me -- and thank you, Lord, for using The Lily Field to touch hearts. It's all HIM, Michelle. All Him.

  2. Brittany, What an amazing blog site - you should get an award (maybe you already did?), your photography is beautiful, and the sharing of your personal - personal life is really quite lovely.
    Motherhood is tough, (Momma?, ha) - and God (excuse me), is frequently not kind to women - I found a Spiritual Awakening a little more comforting, don't have to dwell on this quite so much, or run as often... I love my own children dearly, and wish only the ripple circles around them flowed more evenly. I guess we all do at some time.
    I maybe have a better website to attach this to, but added your link to my page for a short while, there is a changeover occurring later in week, which will change its location - for now,
    I hope you enjoy the Website and its Current Exhibition, and don't mind your addition.


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