Wednesday, July 18, 2012

if you take a vegan on a picnic...

i get asked ALL. THE. TIME. "what do you feed your kids?" "how do you find food to eat when you travel?" "are you sure you are getting enough vitamins and nutrients?" etc. etc. etc.

here's how we do it. we eat plants at home (pretty much most of the time - i usually have organic cheese and yogurt on hand for quick, easy, fatty lunches for my boys). traveling is tricky, but there ARE lots of options if you look for them! we usually "splurge" on our little holidays and enjoy some of the flavors we gave up awhile back... or we PACK A LUNCH!

we have been running around like wild and crazy kids all summer long... so to take a break... we headed to Brookfield Zoo here in the burbs to REST with the animals :-) we decided to be veg-heads and bring a plant-powered picnic!
here's what was on the menu...

jambalaya rice with roasted mushrooms, peppers, and onions - wrapped in tortillas with fresh spinach and romaine

peanut butter and jelly & organic raisins (for the 2 year old)

chips (there are "healthier" options out there! natural food stores are dangerous!)

kashi go lean crunch!
(yummy granola-like snack for me... who is STARVING after i nurse Judah!)

fresh strawberries and grapes

organic fruit pouch... aaaand momma's milk (for the 10 month old)

peach lemonade

after a long morning at the zoo...

lunch was YUM!

it was kind of cool eating plants at our picnic at the zoo...
just like the animals!!!

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  1. love it! i need to make zoey that rice dish again. i am horrible when it comes to lunch ideas even for us meat eaters. ramen noodles, grilled cheese, mac and cheese, pb and j, and yeah. Then Im lost. oh well


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