Friday, July 6, 2012

r2d2 = H2O distiller!

Without fail, when newbies come over to our house they want to know what the big, white,
humming thing is in our kitchen.
r2d2, baby! No, actually it is a DISTILLER.

We've been distilling our own water for over a year, and I am a total clean water junkie now!

How does it work? Let me tell you. Bringing water to a boil and capturing it as it evaporates - purifies it of all the nasty bacteria, dirt, metals, chlorine, etc. that our bodies DO NOT need. All the bad is left in the bottom of the distiller.

I love it when people are brave enough to look inside the distiller after it has done the "dirty work." It not only looks gross, but it smells HORRID. I hold me breath when I go to clean it because it'll take the wind out of you. SCARY, huh?! We otherwise would have just consumed that in our regular glass of h2O.

Our distiller also runs the water through a charcoal filter for extra cleanliness. LOVE THAT.

And I know what you are all probably thinking now... "You are leaching your water of GOOD minerals by distilling all the time!" This is TRUE. BUT - we use a product called WATER MAX that actually puts the GOOD back in! Really though - if you are eating a balanced diet and getting all your vitamins and minerals from the food you are eating -
"you'll be just fine," says the doctor :-)

I will admit that I was not "on board" with this whole distilling project at first. Nathan was insistent that we try it after seeing the inside of his parents' distiller. They've taught us a lot about clean water and storage containers for water and other products. So thankful for that!

Next time you come over you should take a look inside of r2d2.
It might change your mind about drinking straight out of the tap :-)

Here's to cleaner bodies, cleaner water, and a cleaner earth!!!
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