Monday, February 11, 2013

Won't You BE MINE?!

We've been gearing up with {hearts} and {x's & o's} over at our place
to give homage to the day we remember OUR VALENTINES!

Here are some fun, easy, kid-friendly ideas
you can use to add some :::PARTY::: to this week of LOVE!

::: coffee filter hearts / color with washable markers /
use a paintbrush dipped in water to create the tie-dye effect / dry and display :::
::: "I LOVE YOU" art / use paint tape to create shapes that you want to remain WHITE /
use coloring utensils on the space exposed / peel and frame / $4.00 white frames from Target :::
 photo ade11528-0fe0-47e0-ac1c-d99c2e6995a7_zps08518a77.jpg

 photo 536d4ee1-510e-4994-ab01-d71a9b41b160_zpsb5f6a93d.jpg
::: treats for my sweets / homemade-allergy friendly puppy chow with DIY labels :::

::: this is what happens when you don't give them a snack BEFORE the photo shoot begins!
bribery. it works. :::
 photo ea0a5cdd-147f-4b9e-817d-c7dd13e41803_zps5b8050b1.jpg
 photo a6b10f93-d2a9-413b-a16a-80ec75e3474f_zpsca3f82af.jpg photo beba250c-1471-4a0e-a2ad-c1a19c9a35c9_zps3b087013.jpg
::: heart shaped lunch / use a peeler & paring knife to create a lunch of "hearts" /
cucumbers + carrots + apples + strawberries + almond butter-cinnamon raisin bread (Udi's) /
$0.78 cookie cutter from Hobby Lobby :::

::: X's & O's / slate gray cardboard cut-outs / leftover from a $7.99 sheet I bought at Hobby Lobby :::
 photo d8254404-974e-4b99-8058-bc8bf0d9cb35_zps4b13b804.jpg
{ok, don't you want to smooch them?! they were killing me with the cuteness!}

Falling For Friday

The celebration of LOVE continues all week - right here at The Lily Field!

You can find this link on PINTEREST!!!


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  1. Wa! So so darned adorable I just can't sit down. Great ideas, can't believe this is my first time to your blog. Glad I found ya.

    1. Glad you are here!!! And welcome! That Twitter is great for finding connections <3 Have a blessed day! XO

  2. Linking up after you at Heart and Home - what adorable little boys - and such fun, cute ideas for Valentines Day!

    1. aww hi, Cherry!! thanks for coming on over!! <3

  3. Looks like you had a great day!!!
    Thanks for linking up on Falling For Friday. :)

    just love // kelly

    1. haha it was a CRAZY day!!! crazy fun of course! my little dudes were thrilled :-) XO

  4. oh I am loving that negative space project you did with your littles! What a fabulous idea!! I think I might actually be pinning that one. My boy would love it! Thanks for linking up with Falling for Friday!!


    1. the negative space project was so much fun!!! my little guys were thrilled to see the WHITE space when it was done. i will cherish those for life :-) happy to link up! thanks for coming over! XO


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