Friday, July 26, 2013

Date Night | the "with kids" edition

Kids! What kids?! I was busy staring deeply into the eyes of my lover...

Date night for us sometimes includes Brother & Brother INC. A professional, little chaperone
gig that comes with two, not one, but TWO pairs of eyes to witness the whole shindig!
And they are cute. So we don't mind employing them.'s what went down...
We jumped in the car and drove to a town we have never explored.
Found a non-commercial restaurant to try - to satisfy the little foodies inside of us.
Walked with the kids in the double stroller - holding hands, soaking up summertime.
We were WOWED... when we found a river walk, covered bridges, fountains, and live music!

No real plans - we just WENT on the adventure and let it happen! Pretty cool.
I came up with this genius of a spontaneous idea... and I'm SOOOOOO thankful that it wasn't a total flop!
That would have been embarrassing. I like to prove to my husband that I can step away from being
"Perfectly Planned Patsy" and turn into "Super Spontaneous Sally" every now and then.

Look at that face?! VOTED cutest chaperone EVER.

Sometimes I wonder if my kids know how much I love them. Like - do they reeeeaaaally know?
With each child we have my heart expands. I just love DEEPER. HARDER. MORE. Parents, relate?
It has also created a whole new level of "ferocious" in me. Momma moose. Don't mess with my
child or you will regret it *smiles + straightens skirt*... ahem. That is another story though.

Every morning we pretty much work the same routine of hugging Nathan out the door...
then rushing to the window to remind him that HE WILL be home after naptime and WILL BE
eating dinner with us. 3 year olds can be very bossy.

Many mornings I'll go to kiss my man and Isaiah will run up and wedge his little self
between us and look up... with beaming, chocolate-brown eyes and a smile to beat all.

I wonder what he's thinking. What he's feeling. All I know is he is HAPPY to be there with us.
And we are happy to have him there. Some people seem to think that children get in the way
of a marriage. I'm hear to say that you may have been misinformed. Sure, they change things.
But from my end of the field they bring me and my husband CLOSER together - binding us in this
super crazy, God-like way to each other for the sake and joy of our children.

I think that our children NEED - maybe even LONG - to see their parents love each other.
And that's why they went on this little field trip with us. We called it "date night" - and
according to Nathan it was "the most romantic date night WITH kids EVER!"
It is ok, I'd say HEALTHY, for our kids to see us romance each other. Security, anyone?
Mom loves dad and dad loves mom and all is well with the world.
Amen. The end. True story.

Man, I hope they know how much I love their father... and both of them!!!
Because I'm bending over backwards to prove it!

Go love up the people in your life and have a happy weekend!!!

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  1. Beautiful! We love bringing along our 'third-wheel' on dates too. ;) You're right; I think it is good for them to see their parents 'in love.'

    1. that's awesome, Laurel!!! i love it how kids act totally grossed out by the affection their parents share... it's like a scene right out of opposite land! they looooove it! i just know it! haha.


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