Friday, August 16, 2013


Nathan: You are all snuggle-y buggle-y.
Isaiah: Like a strawberry!
Nathan: *scratches head*
Yea we don't know either.

Brittany: Judah don't walk down those stairs.
Priest: Listen to your mother, Judah.
Brittany: Yea, don't disobey a PRIEST.
Priest: I can absolve him because he is NOT listening.
Every saint has a history.

Brittany: How old are you, Isaiah?
Isaiah: THREE!
Brittany: How old is momma?
Isaiah: Uhhhhh poopy?
Brittany: No, how OLD is momma?
Isaiah: You. Are. POOPY!
I'm embarrassed that I died laughing. I used to be so lady-like.
Life with boys changes things.

Judah's prayer before bedtime:
"Taaank You for outside. Taaaaank You for soccer. Taaaank You for my penis."

Brittany: Isaiah, where does Jesus live?
Isaiah: In a CAVE!
Brittany: You mean the tabernacle?
Isaiah: Yea the tay-bor-knuckle CAVE.
Three year old theology at its finest.

Nathan: What's wrong?
Judah: My beard hurts.
Apparently our 23 month old is going through puberty. It's a joke.

Isaiah: Jubee (Judah) is eating garbage.
Brittany: Whaaaaaaaa???
Judah: YEA! MUFF-IN. (mouth full of muffin)
Brittany: Don't eat the garbage, Judah!
They were on top? Harmless, right?

Britany: What are you doing under the bushes?
Isaiah: Bluuuuueberries. Robin Hood.
As he proceeds to eat berries RIGHT OFF the bush with his mouth.
We are not goats, son.

Brittany: Who is Momma Mary?
Isaiah: Hey I brought her flowers.
Brittany: She's Jesus' momma and yes, you did.
Isaiah: Yea, but where are the flowers?
Brittany: You left them at church, remember?
Isaiah: I WANT THEM BACK!!!!

And now I will forward you on to Miss Grace over at Camp Patton.
She's the inspiration behind these "Childrenisms" posts!
Get ready to get your smile on - because she is the perfect
blend of beauty, truth, and absolute riot!!!

Or if you'd rather get a snack... Anna from In Honor of Design
posted these ridiculously beautiful looking frozen yogurt pops
that are sure to please the eye and taste buds!
Invite me over if you make them?!

OH MY GOSH - and if you are a blogger and have a husband you probably
should catch Natalie's, The Busy Budgeting Mama, latest VLOG:
"The Husbands Tell All" Even if you aren't a blogger or don't have a husband
this should make you laugh. If not - then we can't be friends. I kid.

Look at that?! I hooked you up with weekend reading material!
That's what I'm here for.

Enjoy the weekend!
Don't do anything I wouldn't do.
Or do it - just tell me about it so I can live vicariously through you!

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  1. These are precious. The things kids say & pray just reminds me how important that child-like faith is.

    1. Oh man they remind me too, Katie! It's so simple. And in my adult-ness I tend to make it so complicated. Out of the mouths of babes... another lesson learned!!!


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