Thursday, September 19, 2013

Easy Plant-Based Lunch for Kids

Having kids with allergies, I get asked one, specific question A LOT.
Drum roll please...

"What do you feed them for lunch?!"

We try to keep it as fresh and unprocessed as possible.
This summer's garden tomatoes have been a go-to, easy-peasy, plant-based lunch!
sliced avocado || sliced tomato || ON TOAST
drizzle of extra virgin olive oil || kiss it with some sea salt

Sit back and devour the magic! I grew up on super-over-mayonnaise-d (it's a word)
tomato sandwiches and I LOVED THEM! This is a much healthier, just as satisfying version!
Thank you, Lord, for the avocado! My waist appreciates it.


The flesh turns brown within hours of being cut open as many of you know.
Not exactly appetizing. So this is my trick for storing the leftovers and keeping
it green for AT LEAST 24 hours!!!

Wrap and twist TIGHT with saran wrap. Keeping the air OUT is key.
Never lose an avocado again, my friends! If you already know this...
keep scrolling... and feel the burn of my eyes as I resent you for not sharing
this trick with ME sooner!!!

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  1. THANK YOU FOR SHARING THAT TIP! No really, I love love love avocados, but hate that brown, I just can't do it. I'll have to start doing this.

    1. Well, there you go!!! Happy to pass it along! I was THRILLED when it worked! I can't even handle them when they go brown. GROSS lookin'. XO


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