Monday, September 23, 2013

One Fish Two Fish Red Fish Blue Fish

We like to CELEBRATE life.
Birthdays last for days in our family. They are just too much fun NOT to!
Our Judah baby turned 2 this month... still can't believe we have a 2 and 3 year old.
I love my life.

Ok... So every time we asked Judah what kind of party he wanted to have,
this was his response: "Reeeeed cake! Bluuuuuue cake!"
He can count to ten. And he only knows two colors: red and blue.

Dr. Seuss was the obvious answer here.
I ran with "One Fish Two Fish Red Fish Blue Fish" and he loved it!

Here is daaaaays worth of a 2nd birthday party that we threw for our littlest.


When we pray, Judah bows his head and repeats every word that we say.
I don't ever want to forget his little details. Too precious.


The morning of Judah's birthday, Isaiah was having a really hard time.
He wanted presents. He wanted attention. Nathan and I were both shocked when Judah,
unprompted and true to form, said: "Here. You open one for me, Zay Zay."
I cried a little. Is that my child? His heart is sooooo good. Teaching his momma lessons.

A wall of seaweed made with green streamers ||
red and blue fish made from glittery cardstock.

Clearance cups from Target. Picked up a dozen for $1. Filled with "fish 'n rods" =
Swedish fish and gluten-free pretzels! Also - found a $0.60 fish cookie cutter
at Hobby Lobby. SCORE! Landed us some fish-shaped rice crispy treats.

Bogie. Short for Booger. Our red beta fish was the party mascot!

I made fishing rods out of short, dowel rods, rope, and magnets from Hobby Lobby.
Hot glued the magnets to the rope. Worked like a charm! Cut out red and blue fish
from cardstock and put a paper clip on each one.
My kids are STILL playing with this little game!!!

Praying down blessings on the birthday boy here!
So blessed to be surrounded by family and loved ones of FAITH.

Homemade cupcake toppers made from cardstock and a paper punch.
Taped them to striped, paper straws that I cut in half. SO CUTE.
That idea was inspired by the crazy-talented Natalie over at The Busy Budgeting Mama!

I love you, little one. Your life makes my life so special.
Happy you were born to me. Blessed to be your momma. Happy Birthday... again!

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