Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Thriving in the Trenches of Toddlerhood

My name is Brittany and I am an avid "sprint through life" addict.
Even as a child, I would count down the days to the next big event in my life.
I couldn't wait to be 13 and wear make-up. 16 and get a car.
18 and smoke a cigar and be a missionary (yes, those 2 things!),
19 go to college, 22 get married, 23 graduate and have a baby...

check. check. check.
If life was a marathon, I'd be winning. Probably.

The problem with rushing through the seasons of my life is that sometimes
I MISS the beauty of the present moment. Marathon or not, that's lame.

With my oldest being 3 right now I get asked A LOT by the general public,
"Ooooooh is he going to pre-school!?"

Pre-school?! I've heard rumors of pre-k 3. I think the government made that up to take our
children away from us one year sooner. I do believe that is my first political rant on my blog.
Don't worry. It's over.

As of right now, we really feel called to homeschool our children!
I was homeschooled (my husband was too - off and on) and it just feels like a
way of life for us. Something we can't imagine NOT doing for our own kids.

And let me tell you - I am aching to get to a homeschooling conference,
order books, start little projects, experiments, charts!!!
I confess: I am already subscribed to the local homeschooling group newsletter.
I pour over the details and daydream about being active...

but then something in my heart whispers: "Wait."

For the first time in my life it just feels right to SLOW DOWN.
Dare I say, to savor toddlerhood?!

I will NEVER have this time in my life back. And I realize that more than ever now.
There will never be a time when I have toddlers and no school-aged kids again.
As hard as this time in my life can be - I don't want to miss these moments.

So I'll just be over here. Thriving in the trenches of toddlerhood.
Feel free to send supplies... coffee, chocolate, free babysitters!!!

"Let us strive to make the present moment beautiful."
||| St. Francis de Sales |||

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  1. Oh gosh, yes I struggle with this. But the past month I've had that enjoy this right now push from God. To be ok with the waiting. To be ok with this season, I'm learning so much through it.

    But I wouldn't mind if the next two weeks would rush ;)

    1. It can be so hard! Especially when the days feel long. I just have to remind myself that THIS is the path God has chosen for me to get to heaven! One beautiful via dolorosa. Will keep you in prayer as I struggle too :-)

      Two weeks are gonna FLY! See ya in INDY!!!!!


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