Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Influence Conference PART 1 || Preparing for the Unexpected

This past weekend I had the honor of "taking Indy" with 250+ women (and a few good men!)
at The Influence Network Conference. I'll be very honest and say that I went into the event
thinking that the sole reason I was attending = strictly business.

Make friends, rub elbows, learn how to grow my blog -
pack it up, strut my stuff, be the face of THE. LILY. FIELD.

So I prepped. I did all the things. I packed and re-packed.
My poor husband even bore an hour long fashion show as I flipped through my wardrobe
trying to find the "best fit" to represent "the real me" - who in his opinion is especially
whimsical with a funny sense of style. Take it or leave it. This is who I am, babe. *wink*

Stripes and floral all the way. With brown shoes. I love all the brown shoes.

So I rolled into downtown Indianapolis, checked myself in, wheeled myself to my room,
took and deep breath... and went to the lobby.

Tiny Prints hooked me up with their easy-to-design business cards.
They were so ME to begin with, but I wanted to add a personal touch.
Because that's who I am. I wanted to hand my card and a bag of tea to every
person I met with a subliminal invitation to grab a cup and meet me in the field.

You'd think my love language was "gifts" or something! I tell ya. I L O V E gifting!!!
I had great roommates for the weekend and I wanted to bless them with some goodies too!
Here's what I pulled together for them:

... glitter + chocolate + pretty paper + Burt's Bees + Starbucks $$ + SEVEN gum ...

So there I was, sitting in the lobby, with all the things in order.
I had my business cards. I had the gifts. I had my bags perfectly packed,
all my dress clothes ironed... and the angels sang "alleluia."

Truth is - I had NO idea that all of that was going to be thrown out the window.
Sure sure... I made new friends, I passed out all the biz cards, and shook a lot of hands.
I should have seen it coming though. God is so like that.

He busted up my heart in the best way at Influence Conference 2013.

But that's another story.
Stay tuned as I un-pack the unexpected!

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  1. Oh my goodness... You are too darn cute! I can't wait to hear what God had waiting for you :)

    1. Aww thanks!!! I am still having trouble finding the right words to share ALL the things that God put on my heart this past weekend! But it will come!!!

  2. You are the cutest! Even though I was there .. I really want to hear it from your perspective! :)
    PS- did you know Influence is doing a link up tomorrow for our Influence experience??

    1. I did NOT know! Thanks. Will you be linking up too?! Can't wait to hear "all the things" on all the hearts :-)

  3. Your gift bags are adorable! I was just showing my husband your card and saying what a nice touch the tea bag was. Loved meeting you, and can't wait to read more!

    1. Hey thanks, Jacey!!! You have the sweetest disposition! I just loved meeting you :-) I just entered your giveaway!!!! Send me some Amazon $$!!! Haha!!! ((hugs))

  4. you are such a sweetheart! my love language is def not gifts :) I sooooooooooo wished i could go...hopefully next year!

    1. COME next year!!! Mark your calendar!!! It will blow your soul into a million holy pieces... it's a good thing!!!! XO

  5. i beyond heart you my friend. another bike ride soon, please. Chi-Town and The D are not that far from one another ;) xoxoxo

    1. YES! I WILL see you BEFORE next conference! We live too close together NOT too!!! XO back at ya!!!


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