Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Date Night || Romeo O Romeo

I Want Crazy - Tribute to Hunter Hayes (Instrumental Version) by Music Junkie on Grooveshark

Once upon a time, not so very long ago, I grabbed a rose and
hopped on the back of Nathan's motorcycle. It was a warm, summer night -
the kind of night that makes you think you are in heaven.

Twinkling stars,
shadows dancing in the moonlight,
the sweet air kissing suntanned skin.

He drove us over to this grotto.
I'm sure we prayed together, as we did often,
but I also remember making him stand at the head of the aisle
as I waltzed down the cobbly, old stones with that said rose in hand.

Here comes the bride.
Such silly, romantic moments fill our arsenal.

I kind of like it that way.
We all do this kind of stuff, right?!

It was so still. So quiet.
We exchanged some made up vows, kissed, then sped off...
to our separate homes. Wishing it had all been real!

We went back and did a little reenactment this past weekend, and it was special
and different to have our kids running around! It's like the fairy tale just keeps
getting better. Miss Kay would be proud. Memory lane is so much fun, huh Phil?!
Duck Dynasty, anyone? Do I hear *crickets chirping*?

It's special, crazy, ridiculous, over the top, weird, sappy, lovey dovey, etc.
BUT IT'S AWESOME to reach out and touch those moments that built
"him and her" into "us."

When's the last time you revisited a place that holds memories for you and yours?
You should do it! *Nudge, nudge!* I want to hear all about that memory!!!

*Sigh.* I love L O V E.

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  1. I cried watching phil and kays vow renewal and I'm not ashamed lol

    1. ME TOO!!!! My husband was laughing at me! SO GOOD!!!!


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