Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Date Night || Take Out Fake Out

Life is what you make of it. Rain on my parade and I'll dance. Hand me lemons and I'll make lemonade.
Cliche city is so fun. But honestly, I can preach it in alligator boots with my hand on the Bible,
but the truth is: I struggle to see the silver lining sometimes.
And I personally think cliches are stupid.

Luckily I'm married to Mr. Optimistic and professional "crazy lady" handler.
Someone canonize this man!

Me: "Ugh. It's raining."
Nathan: "Hey, you're garden is going to be so green!"

Me: "Our weekend plans are ruined, my life is over."
Nathan: "As long as we're together, it's gonna be GREAT!"

Me: "I hate it that I can't eat whatever I want."
Nathan: "But you CAN eat a LOT of really good food and are healthy for it."

And I thought I was supposed to be a NUN. God knew better.
I needed the beauty of marriage.

Lately, with all the changes in my diet that seem to be more permanent, necessary than
ever before - it makes DATE NIGHT a little challenging. I mean - most people eat together
on a date at some point... and who doesn't love the fun experience of a new restaurant,
menu option, etc?! It's hard to do "take-out" these days, but we've been coming up with
all sorts of fun "fake-outs" to celebrate our weekly date night!!!

Mrs. Pity Party has been dreaming and drooling over the ideas of "favorites" that we
can make at home - minus the allergens and for HALF the cost!!! Plus our new thing has been
"teaching Nathan to cook" - so trying new recipes, getting frisky in the kitchen, and all
IS REALLY FUN!!! Again, life is what you make of it. You give me lemons, I'm going to make...

|| NAAN ||

Gluten Free / Dairy Free / Yeast Free / Sugar Free

All the laws of "bread" have been broken, and you're going to flavor jail!!!
Even my husband, who can actually eat regular breads thought these were A+...
and not just because I made them and he's my husband either!!! I checked.

We made GYROS with these last weekend for date night. Holy wow.
I can't wait to go back... to my own kitchen!!!

INGREDIENTS || yields 9
**I think it's important to note the brand of gluten-free flours -
it will make a difference.

sift all together //
1 C. Bob's Red Mill - Gluten-Free All Purpose Flour
1 C. Bob's Red Mill - Tapioca Flour
2 tsp. baking powder
1/2 tsp. sea salt
1/2 tsp. of garlic powder (omit for regular naan)

in separate bowl, beat all together //
2 eggs
4 tbls. of extra virgin olive oil
juice of 1/2 a small lemon

Form a well in the dry ingredients and pour in wet ingredients.
Using a fork, pull everything together as best you can.
Dough will look wet, but crumbly - resembling pie dough.

Add one tablespoon of WARM water at a time until dough forms into a workable ball.
Should be holding together nicely.
Go ahead and fist pump the side of the bowl now. You rock.

Pinch off pieces of dough - just a tad bigger than a golf ball.
Pour a little olive oil onto the ball and work with your hands until smooth.
Spread out on a non-stick surface. If it sticks - roll it up and try and again.
You're shooting for 4-6" wide. You can do it!

Heat a couple slicks of olive oil in a pan over medium heat. Add naan and desired toppings
to the side facing UP. These have minced shallot, garlic, chive, and cilantro!!!

2-3 minutes for each side or until slightly golden, crisp.

I am amazed at how these stick together (not crumbly at all!) and still have some give.
You can fold these like a taco and they will NOT break! The gluten-free crowd cheers (in my head).
Chewy, soft, warm goodness!!!

Store in air-tight container in the fridge for 2-3 days or freezer for 2-3 weeks.
Use a toaster or skillet to re-heat. They will be as good as day #1. Believe you me.

I guess laws were meant to be broken.

Take out. Fake out. Make out.
It's what date night is all about it!

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  1. Looks amazing!! If you go to chef at home on the food network, he makes his own gluten free flour for 1/3 of the price and (he swears) is totally delicious! Also this recipe looks like ot could qork for some kind of gluten free naan foccacia hybrid! Add rosemary, fresh ground black pepper, parmesan (or a substitute) as the cook and you could totally cut them and serve with roasted red peppers and tomatoes as a little snack!! I can't wait to try your naan bread....I wonder if Ryan will go for this kind of date night :)

  2. Totally, Caroline!!! A gluten-free naan foccacia hybrid. Lol. I'm sure it could be done!!! MMMMM... come live near me and help me cook!!!! You have such good ideas :-)

    Aww, I hope Ryan will go for something like this... because it's fun! Or maybe we are just huge nerds.


  4. I hope you love them as much as me!!!! For being "free" of so many allergens - they are pretty amazing!!! ENJOY XO

  5. Some of the most best date nights are the ones that turn out from something small and sweet. And, this looks yummy!


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