Monday, June 9, 2014

People before Things

I love going "home" to grandma and grandpa's house. Next to my parents, they are the ones
who have been there all along; every step, birthday, milestone - cheering, loving unconditionally,
celebrating, talking about the hard things, living. They have blessed my life tremendously.
And I'm taking notes.

They've taught me that it's not about "things", but about "people." It is about "relationships"
and making sacrifices to make sure those relationships are not compromised. It's about slowing down,
working hard, loving with all your heart, and drinking Pepsi on the back porch.

Spending time with them is like stepping back in time.
The world spins a little slower at Grandma's house - and I like it rich like that.

The other day I was out in the garden working with my grandma as she yelled over at me,
"You know I've been doing this with you since you were a munchkin." My eyes seriously
welled up with tears feeling the weight of the reality that we've probably gone beyond the
halfway point of the time God has allotted for us to spend together on this earth.

Don't blink. Don't miss a thing. I'm harvesting memories these days.
Gathering up the good stuff and drinking it down - nice and slow - remembering,
remembering that all the "things" will fade, but the "people" and the memories
we make with them will burn bright like the stars throughout all our lives.

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  1. Oooh you got me with this one. Baby McClure craves country music so I've been ACHING for my own grandparents' farm.... Prob not making an 8 hr drive to small town Iowa before young lady arrives but sooooo nostalgic!

    1. Aww!!! Glad I could touch a place in your heart too!!! XO


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