Friday, August 1, 2014

30 Weeks of Bump + Why I Wear BLANQI

Not too long ago I was at Whole Foods when the cashier asked:

"What, do you have like 3-4 weeks left?"
Me: "I'm sorry. Not this time."
Cashier: "No... do you have 3-4 weeks left? You're pregnant, right?"
Me: "Ooooooh yea. I thought you wanted me to donate money to Unicef."

Three to four weeks left? Unicef? *crickets*

Try 10. 10 weeks. It's ok, lady, I'm just going to go home now and drown myself in a
carton of ice cream, and pretend you said I look just like Heidi Klum while pregnant.

I quit telling people that I am due on October 7th. I couldn't handle the shock on their faces.
I mean in the middle of the summer, October feels forever away. I get it. But 10 weeks?!
Pumpkin spice lattes are closer than you think, my friends! Get. Excited.

You want to know what I get REALLY excited about each time I'm pregnant? BLANQI.

Lately I am feeling so "out of my skin" as this tiny person who has taken up residence under my (sore)
rib cage continues on the accelerated growth plan. 30 pounds in 30 weeks, people. And you want to
know what they say? "Oh, you are ALL baby!"- Ok, babies do not come out weighing 30lbs.
It's all right though. I know you mean well. Ha!

I own two Blanqi maternity under-bust belly support tanks. I just don't do "pregnant" without one. Makes me feel all smooth and supported. It's like a party for my body!!! I mean very seriously, wearing my Blanqi reminds me that I am still ME - that I can still look and feel great even if things are getting larger than life around here! Can't say enough good things.
Tell all the pregnant, post-partum mommas!

We are so excited to meet this baby! My boys are dead set on naming this one: Bella Button. Boy or girl.
Doesn't matter. And I'm definitely feeling a little unprepared this time around. There's not a newborn
diaper in the house, the crib is still in pieces, and if this baby REALLY is a girl... she has no clothes.
For real. But it's ok, I'm sure we will kick into "baby mode" soon.

I keep looking at Judah, my baby soon to be 3 years old, and feel myself wanting to hold on just a little
while longer. I have diligently been calling him "my baby" - to which he reminds me that he is a "big kid"
and that I have a "baby" in my tummy. It's a good thing, but still. Growing pains for this momma's heart.

I honestly think my children want this baby to just "pop out" as soon as possible so I can lift them
up onto the monkey bars and all that like normal. Isaiah likes to say: "When you get tiny again..."

I told him the other day that I felt like a whale. He thought for a moment and said,
"Mmm... no. You're a dolphin!" THAT makes me feel soooo much better! We laughed pretty hard.

I love it all. This season of life has been so very blessed!!!
Thankful that everything looks good and that we are on track for healthy...

and PSLs!!! 10 more weeks.

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  1. Ah yes.... I got the same type of comments around the 30 week mark. My last pregnancy was (timeline wise) near identical to yours. My daughter was born October 8th (her due date!) last year. Consider yourself lucky you are pregnant this summer versus last summer. I don't think I left the house in July because of the daily 100 degree heat! I tell all pregnant mamas I see "what a great summer to be pregnant!" I hope you are enjoying this cooler weather at least! And I think you look perfect and gorgeous.

    I got this comment a lot: "oh you are only X amount along? Well ya know you always show quicker and bigger with your second pregnancy. Ummm thanks. :/

    Prayers to you!!

    1. Thanks for the prayers, friend! I know, this summer has really been a breeze! SO THANKFUL!

  2. On and thanks for the link to Blanqi! I've never heard of those before. Looks great, supportive, and comfy! :)

    1. For sure! The owner is SUPER awesome too! I actually spent a month in Rome with her - she's Catholic and they source/make it all in the U.S.! Which is pretty amazing!!! I love their company - everything about it :-)

  3. Replies
    1. hey thanks, Julie! means a lot - as I'm feeling large and in charge these days! XO

  4. How tall are you, and hope you don't mind me asking--what size Blanqi do you have? I am trying to figure out what size to order!

    You look great! I am due just a week before you. 30 lbs in 30 weeks here too :) My back is killing me!

    1. Megan! I am 5'7" and wear a MEDIUM! I don't mind you asking at all. It's a big investment, totally worth it, and I asked ALL the same questions before buying as well :-) I have used both the regular length and LONG - and totally prefer the LONG during the last phase of pregnancy. It covers EVERYTHING. I love to wear leggings - and feel like the LONG gets it all covered and held together so I can do that!!! I wish you the best!!! Hope your back feels better too! I know my Blanqi saves me. No joke. I sleep in mine when I've had a "rough" day. It helps!!! XO

    2. OK that's helpful. I'm 5'10", and I think I'll probably want to stick with the long. Thanks for your response!


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