Wednesday, September 3, 2014

35 Weeks || Boy or Girl?!

I first felt this baby kick on April 27th, 2014 - the day that John Paul II was canonized.
It was a Sunday, we were at Church, and I just knew that it must be a BOY.
"John Paul" is totally our boy name. It's probably a sign.

Last week we were at the park with our kids and this little, stranger boy named Matthew was swinging
next to me on the swing. He told me that I had a GIFT FROM GOD in my tummy, that he thought it was
a GIRL, and that we should name her "Lily." I was like, "Whaaaaa was that?" Creepy, prophet
kid or no?! "Bella Jane" is totally our girl name and it means "beautiful gift from God". The name
"Lily" was definitely in the running - so his comment got my attention and made me think twice.
It's probably a sign.

Then I went in to see my chiropractor and he asked about what names we had picked out. And you
want to know what he said?! He said his middle name was Matthew and that HIS mother named him
after Pope John Paul II! Shut the front door. It's probably a sign.

And then there are all the random strangers who are always so delighted to hear that we do NOT
know the baby's gender
. You'd think people would just say "congrats" and continue their way down the
grocery store aisle, but no. They stop, smile, start searching their brain for that one wives' tale that
they SWEAR by so that they can apply it to my situation. "If you are more round it is a GIRL!"

Funny. The last person I ran into said "If you are more round it is a BOY!"

Wives' tales - like a serious game of Telephone gone bad.

Honestly, I don't put any weight into any of it. I just think it is EXCITING! And we, especially me as
the pregnant one, are so excited that we are in the home stretch (both literally and physically!).

5 more weeks, baby. Who are you!?

The other night, as I was tucking my boys in bed - orchestrating, listening, "amen-ing" through
their innocent bedtime prayers - I had a moment. A "this is all so real, and baby number 3 is
really happening
!" moment. We so longed for this baby- the chance to welcome another little one
into our hearts and home - and next month we are going to kiss the face of that sweet gift!

I can't even wrap my mind around it really. I know I'm pregnant and all - boy, do I know it! But it is
all still so surreal. I'm here washing baby clothes, buying wipes and lotion, stocking up on nursing pads
and diapers, and it STILL seems dream-like. Like I'm playing house or something.

Isaiah and Judah have been taking turns sleeping in the baby crib every night.
Nathan and I keep "oooo-ing and awwwww-ing" over them like we've never been parents before
or something. It's pathetically beautiful, folks. We are so THOSE parents.

I took the boys out to buy a new book to read to the baby over the next couple of weeks and in the
hospital when they come to visit for the first time. I think I'm getting a little teary-eyed thinking
about it all now. Shhheeesh.

5 more weeks. Cast your vote. Boy or girl?
Try not to think about the "signs" I received (LOL). I know it's tempting.

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  1. Girl!! :) and those signs are BEAUTIFUL. Can't wait to meet whoever it is!

  2. Girl : )
    With my first everyone casting a vote guessed girl. And we had a girl. My second, everyone guessed boy, but we chose to be surprised. One day, I stepped out of my car, and there on the ground below my very pregnant belly, was a piece of wood with the word "girl" printed on it. I pretty much stopped breathing, convinced God was speaking to me... We had a boy. The journey was so, so fun though!

    1. Haha such a good story!!!! God has a sense of humor, right?! Motherhood, pregnancy - it IS such a fun journey!!! #feelingblessed XO

  3. Girl! :) But I am never right so I guess that means boy?

    Friday morning you can practice having three! :) But luckily, your third won't come out 22 lbs and crawling... haha

    1. EVERYONE thinks this baby is a girl!!! I'm not holding my breath. I really think BOY! Lol. Time will tell :-)

  4. So funny, the other day I thought I think she's having a girl :) but either way you guys make gorgeous kids!

    1. thank you, Katie!!! I keep having "GIRL" dreams... but I did that with my boys. And that didn't go over as "dreamed" lol.

  5. I vote girl! Only because most people I know who are pregnant right now know that they are having a girl. :)

    1. This baby is going to shock us all and come out BOY! God is so like that!!!!


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