Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Girls' Night Out || Arbonne + Tapas + Sangria

Last week, my sister, Nellie, came to town and brought all of her "Arbonne-ness" with her!
I knew we were going to be pampered, but I didn't know that I was going to like it so much that
I was going to sniff the towels we used from that night for many days after because they smell like
all of that "pure + safe + beneficial" wonder! And now you are never going to look at me
the same way again. I also made a Christmas wish list like a freakin' 6 year old.

I'm thinking I should get out more.

I've raved about Arbonne before, and I'll do it again. If you haven't tried their products - we can't
be friends. Ok, that was harsh, and I don't mean it - but you guys!!! It's some good stuff.

It was seriously so much fun to experience Arbonne with some dear friends of mine! At one point headbands were passed out and I felt like I was in Junior High again - wishing everyone could just spend
the night and stay up til 3 in the morning talking about NSYNC, lip gloss, and our latest crushes!!! Sigh.

Girls' Night Out - let's do it again, ladies!!!

P.S. If you need a great consultant or just want to chat about options, opportunities, or how you can
make your towels smell divine = talk to Nellie!!! E-mail: || Facebook

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