Monday, August 22, 2016

My Wedding Day Was NOT the Best Day of My Life

Seven years ago we said "I do" and did all the holy, wonderful things to bind us together as
husband and wife in front of all our family and friends.... but no, I don't think it was the
"best day of our lives".

The "best" has come in all the days after -- in the waking up over and over again in the "real world",
choosing Christ before we choose ourselves, saying "I will, I'm sorry, I'm showing up, I love you."

Sounds all easy peasy, but for anyone that has been married, you know this is HARD and HOLY work --
NOT exactly what you find on a Hallmark greeting card. Ha!

When I was fifteen I wanted to be a nun. Like hardcore. Long story short, God made it pretty clear
that was NOT His will for my life. I stood in front of a statue of the baby Jesus during Christmastime
in Rome, Italy and told Him, hands on my hips, "Well, I offered to be YOUR bride. Marriage is for weaklings."

Basically, "Your loss, Lord."

Oh Brittany. Thank goodness we grow up. And then grow up some more, right?

I think the hardest part of life is trusting God. Like, I know I often think, "I hope YOU
have a plan..."
OF COURSE HE HAS A PLAN! I'm basically an annoying 5 year old in the
backseat, "Are we there yet?"

God knew. He knew I was really going to LIKE Nathan. Like.... like-like-looooove!!!!
But seriously, sometimes I pinch myself, is this my real life? I am so blessed. WE are so blessed.

And we think that the "best" has come in the birth of our babies, building a life together,
getting through the hard times to come out stronger, more united, determined to keep working on
heaven together!!! Each year brings us into a deeper, more comfortable kind of love. NOT the kind
made of unicorns and fluffy bunny rabbits, but the kind of love that dares to imitate Calvary.

My life for yours. Laid down. Surrendered.
Easter morning glory kind of love.... and THESE,
these are the best DAYS of our lives!!!

Do we get it right every day? Absolutely not. We are two hopelessly flawed human beings living under
the same roof! We are both firstborns with dominating temperaments.... yea. Imagine. Lol.

Sometimes I joke with Nathan, "I am so proud of myself for marrying you."
Like I did a good job picking out a husband or something?! But the truth is....

ALL JESUS. I'm thankful He didn't want me for a nun....
and that we could celebrate SEVEN YEARS of marriage this month!!!!

I was going to say "back when we were dating" -- but then I'm like SCRATCH THAT!
We are STILL dating. Married, but dating! Husband and wife, but still very much
"boyfriend and girlfriend" and all that romantic jazz.

For real you guys -- I am HEAD OVER HEELS in love with this man.

But yea back when we were dating... we visited this enchanting place....

And we ran away this past weekend to visit again!!! So much like Pride and Prejudice --
walking the beautiful grounds and stealing a kiss on the wide open front lawn.

Call me Elizabeth Bennet. Call him Mr. Darcy.

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  1. I love this! This is exactly what it's all about. You do such a great job at keeping it real and I love that! I'm head over heals for my babe too and it's all because of our love for's so awesome!! I wish everyone in the world could know what authentic love entails and how awesome is feels even though it may not be easy. :-)

    1. Aw thanks, Sheena!!!! TOTALLY -- Christ first and then each other! It's a beautiful thing!!!! HIS plan is so rich and good for us!!!! And you are right -- it's not always easy, but that authentic love is worth it!!!! XO

  2. Happy Anniversary!!! May God continue to bless you guys with more best days ever. :-D That place looks so wonderful and romantic.

    I wanted to be a sister, too! God had other plans, of course. And oh my word, today i was just telling my sister that my husband and I have been boyfriend/girlfriend for such a long time now (6 years on Wednesday). Haha!


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