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The Snake Oils Train

One Year Later from Brittany Vail on Vimeo.


You probably remember last November (maybe not?) when I posted a video of me and the kids
unboxing our Premium Starter Kit from Young Living?! I was doe-eyed, but skeptical. You could
see it on my face and hear it in my voice, "I don't know about all this, but I'll keep you posted!"
I had no idea just how RADICALLY my life was about to change, you guys. NO IDEA.

I'm not talking about "cut your hair" kind of change. It's different. Deeper. More permanent.
November 2015 is a mile marker in my story. One that is re-writing me in the most beautiful way.

I wanted freedom from emotional trauma and the reoccurring patterns that I had trained myself to
believe were normal, ok, "everyone has stuff like this". I hoped for a difference in my health.
I wanted to be healthy, happy, strong for my husband and children; free from the woes of an
endocrine system gone awry. I wanted peace and to somehow know, no matter what,
that everything would be good in the end.

Bottle after bottle -- using aromatically, topically, internally. I spent the first 30 days with my
kit learning about each of those eleven oils and how they could support me and my family.

And then slowly, but surely things began to change. My thyroid bloodwork looked better than ever.
I was suddenly using oils for "this and that" and seeing COOL THINGS happen in our home!!!
We became THAT family. Lol. Not super crunchy like granola.

But I'd say on a scale of 1-10 we are oatmeal.

I LOVE how God's love letter to us is written all over creation. It makes sense that He would give us
tools to work for and WITH our bodies -- to care for us, to answer every need, to bring us life.
There's goodness in pure, therapeutic grade oils!!!

I feel like essential oils were the last piece of the puzzle for me.
Whole foods, a good chiropractor, supplements,
chemical free home...... essential oils. Amen.

Thank you, Jesus, for answered prayers.
Thank you to all the friends and family who are doing this oily life with me!
Thank you for all the good that is still to come!

Scroll through this past year in photos
for some of my favorite ways I have learned to
use the eleven Premium Starter Kit oils!!!


plus the diffuser and Ningxia Red!!!!

LAVENDER >>> You know in the movie, My Big Fat Greek Wedding, how the dad uses
Windex for EVERYTHING? Yea... lavender is for your EVERYTHING. Calming. Soothing. Great for
skin. Perfect before bedtime. Add into coconut oil or body butter for your skin care routine.
Use when battling seasonal discomfort. We love to add a drop of lavender to bath
water for our kiddos. Good night. Haha. For real.

LEMON >>> Use while cleaning sticky surfaces. Use while cleaning crayon off the wall. MY LIFE.
Add to water for a cleansing boost. Supportive of respiratory health. I also love to use lemon as
a natural flavor for sweet and savory dishes... like chicken and cupcakes. Don't judge. Lol.

PEPPERMINT >>> Hot/Icy feeling. Great to use across head and neck for tension.
Diffuse while working. Supports the intestinal system: use after a big meal, my friend!
This one will WAKE YOU UP! I like to add a couple drops to the shower floor. Creates a steamy vapor
that is invigorating. LOVE diffusing for an afternoon pick-me-up!!!

FRANKINCENSE >>> Frank is my man. No, seriously -- this might be my most hoarded oil from my kit.
It makes me happy. Such great support for emotional health. Is known for helping stimulate that immune
system and keep it firing on all pistons. The #1 oil for skin care. I use it EVERY DAY on ma face!
Research is being done on this powerful oil and its properties for health. Google this one!!!
Trust me.

DIGIZE >>> This one is FUNKY, y'all! But a powerhouse oil. It was actually the LAST oil in my kit
for me to understand and wrap my brain aaaand tastebuds around! HA! Use after a big meal.
Supportive of the digestive system. Think: cleanse and move. Add to water or take in a capsule.
You can also put in a roller bottle and use it externally on your tummy. But then you'll SMELL funky. Lol.

RC >>> We went through two bottles last winter. Yea. Enough said. Unique blend of 3 types of
eucalyptus. Supportive of the respiratory system. Apply to chest or diffuse. When the "yuck" is
coming on, RC is your new BFF. I now feel panicky when my bottle runs low! #lifesaver #lungsaver

STRESS AWAY >>> A favorite oil. A blend of vanilla, lime, copaiba, lavender and cedarwood.
Use to combat every day stresses. It's labeled quite properly: Stress. Away. Haha! LOVE!
I'm AMAZED by how real this stuff is.

PANAWAY >>> Um hello, massage!!! Hot/Icy Feeling. Apply topically after exercise to muscles.
Apply to neck and back while experiencing head tension. I like to pull this baby out when my head
is feeling "meh" or I've just had a long day. It sings to me. And it smells like a wintergreen mint!
I always want to just lick the bottle. But I don't.

PURIFICATION >>> I diffuse this when I want to make you THINK my house is clean! Lol.
Diffuse to freshen air. Major odor killer. I use this one in my natural bug spray!!!
Also great to use on wool balls in your dryer! Fresh, bright scent. It makes me HAPPY.

COPAIBA >>> **Co-pie-ee-ba**.... promotes wellness. Supports the body’s natural response to injury,
irritation and inflammation. Add to a hot tea for a soothing throat drink. Also great for glowing +
soft skin. Love to use on my little one's gums! I've also found this one to be so helpful with
seasonal discomfort.

THIEVES >>> THE MOTHER OIL. AAAAAAAAH! Lol. One of Young Living’s most popular blends!
Great to diffuse during the winter with all the germs floating around. Supports healthy immune function.
We like to roll this on before we start school each morning. Also great for DIY house cleaning products!
Smells like Christmas. Sign me up.

Super food juice! A powerhouse antioxidant blend. This stuff gives me wings!!!
Total energy booster for me. "Put good in, get good out" kind of deal!!! LOVE this daily supplement.

There you have it folks!!! My Swiss Army, karate kickin', arsenal of oils!!!
I definitely do not know "all the things", but am open and willing to learn all the time.
Cliche of all cliches, but it is TOTALLY a journey!!!


And of course my support group: The Village Gathering where all the continued learning, sharing,
growing magical unicorn-ness (ha!) takes place!!!!

If you have any questions or would like to chat oils, don't hesitate to reach out!
I'd love to help if I can --- oilwellsociety@gmail.com

Or if you want to jump on board... click here!!!


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