Friday, June 1, 2012

Date Night!

I am one lucky girl. Nathan and I started dating about 6 years ago. And YES I say “started” because MARRIAGE and TWO babies have not put a damper on our “dating!” Now date nights have changed a little bit, but we still seize opportunities to relish in ALONE TIME! We can't just take off and go wherever we want at a moment's notice, but we CAN still come up with AWESOME, in-home date ideas that let each other know that we still care to have fun with and romance each other! People ask us all the time what we have up our sleeve for our ritual FRIDAY DATE NIGHT. We typically take turns planning.... this week was my turn! Nathan desperately wanted to tent camp over Memorial Day weekend and I just could not wrap my momma brain around that idea! “Can you tell me how we are suppose to work out naptime and bedtime with two kids under two, babe?! IN A TENT WITH NO AC IN 90+ DEGREES?!?!?” Yea... we still went to the lake for the weekend, but NO tent for this family... until tonight!!! We actually haven't pulled out the “baby maker” as it was affectionately dubbed at our wedding shower for a couple of years now. Tent camping was easy when it was just the two of us! Ohh and no children have actually been conceived in “Coleman” of today. LOL. Always a chance with being OPEN TO LIFE I suppose :-) So I am hoping that my hubby is thrilled to see the tent complete with “stars” (Christmas lights! Good for more than the tree!) when he walks in the door after we grab some American/Bohemian food later this evening! I've got some s'more equipment ready for the gas stove and a movie rented to watch after I kick his butt in Chess. As of right now the tent is actually serving as GREAT entertainment for my two boys that are LOVING crawling in and out of the flappy door! Zay keeps running around saying, “Papa! Papa! Tent! Tent!”.... the little punk better not give it away before we get home from our dinner out at Bahama Breeze! Ten bucks says he blows it. But I am happy that the secret will be spilled by our two year old. I want our kids to always know that their mother and father LOVE each other so much that they keep God first - and each other second.... then come the wedges. Uh... I mean children. Haha. Here's to FRIDAY DATE NIGHT!!! How do you guys celebrate DATE NIGHT?
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