Thursday, September 13, 2012

Hands Full of Arrows

"You know where babies come from?"

"Haven't you learned your lesson?"

"Two kids. You got that over quickly!"

"Tell your hubby to wear a condom!"

and my all time favorite...
"You are going to try for a GIRL... and then you are done, right?"

I have heard it all.

People! We are just getting started!

I used to get all bent out of shape
when people said things to me about having my kids so close in age.
I would seriously lay awake at night coming up with harsh come-backs
to let people know that I hear them, but vehemently disagree with them.

Real charitable, huh?!

I've received my share of pity. Yes, pity.
When I was pregnant with Judah and toting around a 1 year old Isaiah,
people would stop me at the grocery store, park, bank, church and tell me:
"You poor woman!" You are going to have your hands full."
And they would say it like the HOLY SPIRIT was the driving force behind their words!
Or maybe the hormones imagined that?! A little bit? Lol.

Hands full. Hands full. Hands full.

Still rings in my ears.

Such a negative connotation. Hands full of chaos? Hands full of crazy?


Ya better run, my friend! Haha.

"Behold, sons are a HERITAGE from the Lord,
the fruit of the womb A REWARD.
Like ARROWS in the hand of a warrior are the sons of one's youth.
HAPPY is the man who has his quiver full of them!" - Psalm 127:3-5

The big guy in Rome shouts out...

"The Lord gives the gift of children,
seen as a blessing and grace, a sign of life that continues
and of the history of salvation moving toward new stages...
procreation is, therefore, a GIFT bearing life and well-being for society."
- Pope Benedict XVI

Can I dismiss your pity and comments with a smile
(with the graciousness of Michelle Duggar!
Man, that woman can handle the storm!)
and just say that it is a PRIVILEGE to be the mother of
two babies that are 15 months apart!?
God chose these children IN HIS TIME for me... and I am still in awe.

I am constantly learning how to respond in LOVE
when the world pokes at me for being open to life.

How do you battle the culture of death?

"Did you plan that?!" a woman waiting next to me in the OB's office asked me one day. I was asked this frequently and was tired of smiling and beating around the bush with my answer. I just looked this woman in the eye and said,
"Yes - Me, my husband, and GOD all got together and PLANNED this baby :-)

I love my Judah (or Jubee as Zay affectionately nicknamed him)!!!

Not only is he a GIFT to me and Nathan, but a gift to Isaiah as well.


Such a cool thing!
They don't like being separated.
After times of being away from each other, they HUG a lot when reunited!
I refer to them as Brother & Brother.
They specialize in trouble.
And I LOVE THEM for it!

So the next time you run into a storm of crazy people
who want to shower you with pity and negative comments concerning your children... just smile and tell them about your arrows.

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  1. As the third oldest of 12 kids, even I have heard it all on behalf of my parents. The comments I get from people are often downright mean.

    Whenever people ask ridiculously personal questions or want to know how my parents "deal with them all", my dad always says "We have a lot of blessings to match." I know you will, but always remind your kids how amazing each of them are.

    As I'm about to get married in 3 weeks, this is such an inspiration for me...can't wait to be a mom :)

    1. Erin! What a great come-back by your father! I'm taking a lesson from that! Congrats on your upcoming wedding!!! Being a mom is the BEST. It is funny - I actually made some nursing pads from an old skirt that you made (and later gave my sister, Nellie... who later gave it to me!)!! It was ripped and I couldn't bear to throw it out. SO CUTE. Made some pretty fancy nursing pads! Random I know. But cool?! XO

  2. Loved it Brittany! Joe has gotten some remarks with our 21 month spacing. It's incredible the opportunity he has to be a witness as 1. A prolife guy who will be a doctor in our sad society here 2. An awesome dad who's priority is his family, not drinking or going out with friends 3. A husband who actually talks to his wife, plans out their lives as much as anyone can with God in control, and a couple who is united through this whole process of medical school.
    Happy Birthday Jubee! You are a blessing to us all and we could never imagine our lives without you.

    1. It is both a BLESSING and a BURDEN to be a LIGHT in this ever-darkening world. I just always remember that: PEOPLE ARE WATCHING! They really are. Just like what you are saying with Joe here. You never know who is going to be TOUCHED by our witness. "At all times preach the Gospel, and if necessary use words." - St. Francis of Assisi. He knows things. Haha!!

  3. I just want to let you (and Nellie) know what a blessing it has been to watch the two of you grow up and become mothers. Your witness makes our world a better place and you are both so very blessed, and I am so glad you see it :)


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