Saturday, September 15, 2012

a VBAC tale

You name it – I tried it! Squatting, miles of walking, pineapple, red raspberry leaf tea, spicy food, wine, pizza, cleaning things that didn't even need to be cleaned, etc., etc., etc... and you want to know what did it?!


On January 4th, 2011 we found out that we were expecting our 2nd child. With Isaiah and a c-section incision being only 6 months old, I cried out of fear. Nathan, my ever-so-faithful husband, was quick to remind me that GOD had my best interest in mind and that HE used us to bring this new life into existence for a reason. All I could see in my mind was my deformed (bicornuate) uterus on the ultrasound screen causing all kinds of complications for the children we conceived. It threatened little Isaiah's life – I knew that it would be no different with this child.

First OB visit and sonogram produced miraculous results that only God could have orchestrated. With my first pregnancy I had over ten sonogram pictures to confirm that my uterus was indeed shaped like a heart and could at any moment prove to be a death trap for our growing baby. I smiled at the ultrasound tech and bravely ventured to ask, “So how bad is it?” “What are you talking about it?” she replied. “My deformed uterus. Just tell me the baby is in a safe location.” At this point she turned the screen so Nathan and I could see the image. “Your uterus looks normal to me... the baby looks great!” My mouth dropped and Nathan started laughing and praising God for answering his prayer for my healing. Normal?!?! I can testify that the picture of my uterus I saw that day looked NOTHING like the ones we had seen over and over again with Isaiah. The doctors had no explanation, only medically inspired guesses, as to why my uterus appeared to be healed. I'm sure God was smiling.

This second pregnancy was nine months of joy! No complications. No anxiety. I was not labeled “high-risk” with my OB and quite frankly I felt a little put-off as the doctors barely noticed me! With Isaiah I had to go into the office every week after “17 weeks” to be given a shot of progesterone in my hip (to help keep me pregnant) and to be checked by a nurse or doctor. Every nurse and doctor at that time knew me by name and the 5th floor at Weirton Community Hospital felt like a second home. I am so thankful that this was NOT the case with our second baby!

From the beginning I was told that I was the perfect VBAC candidate. This was VERY exciting news for me! Bringing a baby into the world is exciting no matter how it is done – but I really wanted the chance to deliver a baby the way that God had designed. Due to my bicornuate uterus, Isaiah ended up trapped with this head upright in one of the horns of the “heart.” He was taken by c-section at 39 weeks on June 12th, 2010 – one of the happiest days of my life!!!

With this second pregnancy, a sonogram at 36 weeks confirmed that the baby was head down! I was so relieved that we didn't have another breech presentation on our hands and that the VBAC seemed very probable.

40 weeks came and went. Doctors and their due dates! They act like they were THERE when the child was conceived! Honestly, I was stressed and began trying to throw myself into labor every day. But deep down inside I knew that God could not have brought me this far, with so much healing, to let me not at least have a chance to deliver vaginally. We prayed and waited. I had an OB visit right before the 41 week mark and the doctor told me that they highly recommended that I schedule my c-section and have the baby before there were complications. They were concerned that the chances of uterine rupture were increasing as each day passed with pressure on my cervix and no effacement or dilation. SO DISHEARTENING! I scheduled the c-section for September 15th (FEAST OF OUR LADY OF SORROWS), a week after my due date, to appease my doctors, but on September 14th I told Nathan that I didn't want to go through with it until I had been checked one more time... and even then I felt like I was cheating God out of time to work His wonders! I had quit trying to throw myself into labor days before this at the recommendation of several God-fearing women I know. They suggested that I just calm down and relax. Sounded good to me! The night before my scheduled c-section I told Nathan that I wanted to try inducing labor one more time... by relaxing with Chicago-style pizza, a glass of wine, and a massage...

Just before midnight, September 14th, I was having consistent contractions that I could not sleep through. I didn't want to wake Nathan (I had a whole night of false labor the week before) – so I did laps around our condo and prayed the rosary a couple of times. At 2A.M. I decided to check in with my doctor and see if I should come in or just wait it out. The doctor asked how far away I was from the hospital and told me to get there as soon as possible so they could start monitoring me to make sure that the baby was safe as my body progressed into natural labor!!!!

Nathan and I had “that moment” - the one when you are half asleep – trying to shower – pack up some hospital essentials – jump in the car - “we're having a baby” moment!!!! It was very exciting as I breathed through contractions and we got stopped at EVERY red light. 2:30 in the morning... red lights?!?!??!

I was admitted... but at 3A.M. I was still not dilated at all. It was obvious I was in labor though. When my doctor got to the hospital a couple hours later I was finally dilated to 2 and she told me she wanted to break my water. “WAIT!” I panicked after a contraction passed. In that moment, the gravity of the situation and all the scary risk factors were staring me in the face. I asked her to give me and Nathan a moment. Then the doctor reminded us that the operating room was still booked for our 10A.M. scheduled c-section and that if I wasn't comfortable VBAC-ing we could still have the surgery.

Nathan... thank you, Lord, for a level headed husband! I love my husband with all of my heart. He is my CALM when I am a storm. The Lord has revealed so much of Himself to me through my spouse. Such a gift. He prayed with me and we went forward with our decision to VBAC – trusting in the mighty AWESOMENESS of God!

My water was broken and I continued to labor for another ten hours. After twenty-two minutes of pushing, our beautiful son, Judah Ignatius – our little 10lb. lion, arrived at 7:07P.M. on September 15th, 2011. I was able to deliver him vaginally, by the grace and help of God, with NO complications. We have much to be thankful for. Delivery, post-delivery, recovery – it was everything and MORE that I imagined. WOW – bringing children into the world is a such a joyful high!!! I have been blessed.

My pregnancy with Judah was one of MIRACLES AND HOPE!
I am FOREVER grateful to my God WHO HEALS and DELIVERS!
I love you Judah-boy. You'll always be momma's lion.


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  1. Girl what a GREAT story! I love hearing what the Lord did with the birth of your second son, so awesome! I think I also love that your husband and mine have the same name :)

    1. Hey thanks Jess!!! God did some CRAZY things during my second pregnancy! I was in AWE of His healing and grace :-) Awww LOVE it that our husbands have the same name!!! That's awesome!! XO


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