Thursday, September 27, 2012


My little man calls it "sauce," but I think the rest of the world calls it "applesauce."
There is something so nostalgic about that stuff.
Brings me back to being 5 years old...
wearing scrunchy socks, playing with my skip-it, taking naps whenever I wanted!
I remind my children on a regular basis that taking naps is a privilege!
Seize the moment. When you grow up and have children of your own, naps are hard to come by!

My mother-in-law gave us some lovely, green apples earlier this week, and we decided to cook 'em up and blend them into "sauce" this afternoon.

The house was oozing with the warm scent of steamy apples. Be jealous. It was delicious.

We just wanted some for fresh eating.
I will get back to canning some day! summer!
I feel like I say that every fall. Sigh.

This was so easy and my two year old could help with every part.
In fact, I barely mashed this stuff together.
He and his wooden spoon were in business.

Chop apples & boil until soft
(Isaiah was QA. He supervised and took 3 or 4 samples to taste test. The punk.)

Add whatever flavors "do it" for you

We added cinnamon, vanilla, & maple syrup

Mmmmmmmm..... you want some. I know you do!

We put it in a jar, chilled it in the fridge, and then devoured it at dinner.

We probably need to do this again. Soon.
My little harvesters will be thrilled!

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