Saturday, October 13, 2012

Apple Cider Doughnut Fix

We can't have Fall without apple cider doughnuts now can we?!

No. We. Can't.

When September rolls around my brain automatically goes into:
"locate nearest apple cider doughnut selling shop" mode.
It is crazy. If I haven't found a good fix before October... watch out!

This year I took the experience to a whole new level by making my first round of homemade doughnuts.
Gluten free doughnuts at that!

The delight in the eyes of my children was worth the extra effort. They paid me in kisses. I'll take it!

TODAY was perfect for these. This is what cloudy, rainy, cozy, chilly Saturday mornings are for, people!

Here is where I found the recipe. I was surprised at how easy it is to make doughnuts at home! And I was shocked to discover that even with 1/4 cup of sugar these still tasted WAAAAAAAY less sweet than what we have picked up at our local doughtnut shop. They were perfect paired with some coffee and spiced apple cider!

Here is my child right before he entered a sugar coma. He informed us that he was going to LICK all the cinnamon and sugar off the outside of the doughnut before eating it. Smart kid. We'll keep him!

We have leftovers if anyone is interested in round #2 with us!

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