Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Date Night = A Trip to C. America!

So it was my turn to plan "date night" last week!
(Just wanted to throw another fun idea out there for ya'll!)

I cheated, a little, and recycled an idea that Nathan had used for me back when we were first dating...

The original idea (just to give my awesome husband some credit!): A TRIP TO ITALY

He packed up some typical Italian fare (cheese, crackers, olives, etc!)
and "flew me" in his Honda Accord to the State Park.
It was a perfect September day and I had no idea what was going on
until he spread out some blankets and laid out some beautiful picture books of Italy.

Now Italy is one of my favorite countries I have ever visited.
I've been twice and can't wait to take Nathan some day!
We spent the afternoon in "Italy" - living vicariously through the picture books.

Such a good idea BEGGED to be repeated...

We have the extreme honor of sponsoring and corresponding with two wonderful children in Central America. Nathan had been sponsoring Jeslin, who is from Nicaragua, for many years before we even got married.
After our second son was born, Nathan expressed that he felt called
to sponsor a child for every biological child we have.
We then "adopted" Marvin from Honduras!

There are wonderful organizations out there that can help you or your family get started with a mission like this. Truly life changing. We are able to correspond through letters with our friends and have been so blessed to share in their lives. They send us pictures and little art projects they have worked on. We pray for them as we pray for our own children and Godchildren. Such a gift.

If you feel called, check it out here!

So for date night I grabbed a bunch of picture books from the library (on a budget here!) and we spent the evening learning about the countries our sponsored children are from. I had "Sounds of the Caribbean" on queue with Pandora and some "bean & rice" chips with glass bottled soda for a snack!... traditional fare with flair?!

Had so much fun learning, sharing, and getting to know
more about our beloved friends' homes in Central America.

Our hearts not only grew in love for each other,
but for all the GIFTS God has given to us in our biological and sponsored children!

Here's to date night!

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  1. Again, you inspire me with your blog. I only wish that I had all this inspiration and spiritualism when I was raising my family.
    Kimberly Blackwell

    1. Miss Kim! Ooooh take all the inspiration you are feeling and do something now!... you still have children and GRANDchildren too! God is still wanting to use you to do BIG THINGS! Seize the moment!!! XO


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