Thursday, October 25, 2012

For the Nerd in Me

My husband surprised me with:

gourmet popcorn
I seriously have to stop myself from buying this stuff on a monthly basis! SO YUM.

white hydrangeas

and a homemade crossword puzzle

for date night last week!

... Are you shocked by how nerdy we are?!

I thought this idea was adorable.
All of the clues were ones relating to our life together.

We laughed SO HARD as I tried to come up with the answers.
I seriously could not think of at least 7 of them for a good thirty minutes!
And they were good clues. I just have a terrible memory.
Nathan joked and told me that he'd better start writing down our love story now
and reading it to me like the Notebook.
Appparently I'm suffering from an early case of memory loss!

Usually the guy forgets all the little details, right?! WRONG.

I totally failed. It was a GREAT time though!

Ohhh and he slipped in a clue to surprise me with a date idea
he wants to do in December! Will keep you posted! A date within a date. Clever. I'll keep him.

Here is where you can build your own crossword puzzles to stump the love of your life!

I'm really curious... because we're always looking for fresh ideas...

Please share what you do for date night?!

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