Monday, October 22, 2012

Gap Model from Target

I was itching for a new outfit this past weekend.

My body loves Gap, but my checkbook loves Target.

warm cozy cotton + leggings + boots = my wardrobe of choice
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Here's what's going on at your local Gap this season...

... I love this! Totally something I would try on and then put back on the rack feeling way too guilty to indulge! Let me sum it up for you...

~ GAP ~

black & grey striped tunic sweater: $54.95
black leggings: $19.95
brown leather biker boots: $89.95

= $164.85 + tax

Here's what I found at Target to get this look from Gap for 1/3 of the price...

~ Target ~

cream & navy striped sweater tunic: $26.99
denim blue leggings: $10.00

... and I found these lovely L.L Bean boots at a second hand store for 5 bucks!
I live in them this time of year.

= roughly $45.00 for the whole get-up! Cha-ching.

I asked Nathan what he thought as I modeled the whole deal for him.
"You look like a Gap model! I love it!" ... he said as he boosted my little feminine ego!

So for my boys - I'm constantly on the hunt at local, upscale resale stores for their seasonal wardrobes.
Once Upon a Child is GREAT. I'm addicted. Have to control myself. I also have friends who give us hand-me-downs and I'm a sucker for local mom-to-mom sales.

Here's what Judah's sporting this time of year...

Nautica khakis: $1.00 (mom-to-mom)
Chaps blue button down: $1.00 (mom-to-mom)
Gap grey hoodie: $0.50 (garage sale)
Children's Place brown billed cap: $0.50 (garage sale)
BEAUTIFUL brown leather shoes were a GIFT!

That is $3.00 for some pretty fancy clothes, my friend!
My guess is that all of those pieces BRAND NEW would come up around $75.00.

So will it be...


...for you this season?

Either way, I hope you (and your checkbook!) look and feel fabulous!

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