Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Coming Clean about Eating Green

Honestly, I don't find myself craving a bowl of rice and veggies for dinner every day.
No, my name is Brittany and I have a secret-food-fantasy life.
And in that life I eat Oreos for breakfast, Taco Bell for lunch, and a REAL cheeseburger off the grill for dinner!
Ok, maybe not Taco Bell for me, but definitely Oreos for breakfast. Hook. Me. Up.

It is strange though. If I just make the rice - the quinoa - the legumes - the veggies - etc. and eat them...
And I don't feel heavy walking away from the table.

But I have been struggling the past few weeks with cooking green :-(
I want comfort food. I want take-out. I want to eat an entire bag of Oreos.
I admit, I've been stressed as our schedule has been full to the brim...
and the looming holidays don't help either!
My heart pitter patters at the sight of grocery store kiosks
displaying all the necessary sweetness to bake up a sugary feast!

I wasn't feeling "quinoa" for dinner, but I knew that if I made it...
then I would eat it and be happy I did.

This is one of my FAVORITE quinoa dishes of all time. Again, I don't wake up CRAVING this kind of stuff, but when I have it made and ready I remember, "I LOVE THIS!" And it is good to go in 20 minutes or less.

Ready - set - toast some almonds

Chop some spinach and/or fresh basil

Prepare your quinoa & grab some chick peas (I used canned this time)

Mix this all together with some dried cranberries,
dried basil, garlic powder, sea salt, fresh lemon juice, and maple syrup...

I actually prepared this while my babies were napping
and threw it in the fridge for a late dinner after chiropractic appointments.
A safety net to stop me from picking up take-out! Haha.

I grilled up some Indian flat bread that our local International Market sells...

And there you have it, folks... DINNER!

My dad would call this rabbit food. I call it delicious.

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