Sunday, December 16, 2012

Celebrating "JOY" Sunday!

Christmas is right around the corner!
Nothing like lighting up the PINK Advent wreath candle to remind us of that!
I seriously almost had a panic attack in Church this morning thinking of ALL I need to get done in the SMALL amount of time before Christmas. *Deep breaths* ... Our pastor reminded us to take time to prepare our HEARTS for Jesus this Christmas. A good reminder for this momma who has lots to do with two babies in tow.

This Sunday is GAUDETE SUNDAY!
The Sunday of LIGHT - the Sunday of JOY - the Sunday that reminds us we are over halfway to Christmas...
to look FORWARD with HOPE and EXPECTANCY... Our Savior is coming!!!

Here's how we've been celebrating this WHOLE weekend!!!
Busy getting our hearts and home ready for baby Jesus!

We decided last year that we wanted to make it our family tradition to wait until "we light the PINK candle" to put up our Christmas tree. Just our way of focusing a little more on Advent and creating a sense of expectancy for our kids! They have literally been on the edge of their seats waiting for the pink candle so we can get our tree!

The kids loved picking out the tree! Even in the rain.
Epic fail on our part as parents. This happens EVERY year.
You'd think we'd learn to check the weather!

BLUE lights! They are our little guy's favorite.
They bring so much joy to him... how could we not?!

Our little elf helper
enjoyed putting the decorations on the tree
...aaaaaaaand taking them off. PUNK.

Here's a project I've been working on for a couple weeks now... and finished YESTERDAY!
Felt is HIGHLY addictive. So easy to work with and it makes cute things! I made a DIY felt board and lots and lots and lots (these aren't even all of them) pieces for my kids and my Goddaugter for Christmas this year!!!
Can you see the Bible theme going on here? TOO MUCH FUN. I can't wait to see them play with it all!
I love it when they can use their imaginations!

Hope you all are having a blessed 3rd Sunday of Advent and enjoying the nearness of the ones your love.
I know I've held my babies a little closer these past few days.
Remembering all the victims of the Connecticut tragedy. Lord, bring JOY to those families during this time of grief. Squeeze those babies for their parents. Have mercy on our world. Amen.

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