Monday, January 14, 2013

Date Night: Target & Thai Food

We started our date night off with a trip to one of MY favorite places... TARGET!

...bearing a Target spree was BIG of him.
Not only did he tolerate the circles I was doing up and down every aisle, but he patiently bore all the commentary I had to share on every product that caught my eye.
AND he carried my stuff around. What can I say?
He loves me :-)

Here's a peak at what I DID buy!!! Loving the colors here. Can you tell I'm anxious for SPRING?!

Then we headed on over to...

... and it was a GREAT experience!
Remember the Crossword Puzzle Date Night?!
THIS is what he set me up for with the "mystery date" clue!

I love the niche this restaurant is working:


... right up my alley!

Took a little culinary adventure with fresh-vegan spring rolls. HOLY COW. I've been day dreaming about them EVERY couple of hours since we left this place. They were TO DIE FOR. I've already decided that these WILL BE the food item that I crave next pregnancy. I can see that will be the only way to make Nathan buy them for me on a regular basis! Haha.

Oh man - and we tried strawberry mochi. Not a fan. It was unique. I'll give it that! Probably won't order that ever again. I just wanted the fried doughnuts! Stupid gluten allergy.

So when the mochi failed...
we ran across the street to Whole Foods
to pick up some Rice Dream and caramel sauce!!!
You know those flourless-zucchini brownies I've been raving about?!
Threw that all together - WHA-LA.

We had fun spending Date Night OUT this past weekend!!!

So I'm going to start featuring OTHER couple's date ideas once a month!

Anything YOU want to share?! Catch me on FACEBOOK ;-) Don't forget to LIKE me!

There's a link right on my blog now :-) Leave a comment on my wall with your idea or private message me if you want to be part of "DATE NIGHT" in the coming months! XO

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