Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Mama's Got Style

I am linking up with a pretty sweet girl named Anna over at In Honor of Design
this week to bring you some fabulous fashion ideas!
You'll have to go check out the "mama's wardrobe" frenzy
that's happening NOW and get inspired!

...here are some of my favorite stitches...
i LOVE lines. found this darling shirt at Kohl's from the LC Lauren Conrad Collection.
stretchy, long, black tank from H&M.
minty skinny jeans? yes, please. comfy and stretchy. American Eagle makes it happen. similar.
bracelets make me happy. lots of pearls from Kohl's and green with gold from Forever21.
my feet like to be free and FLAT. simple, silver flip flops from Forever21.

Now that I have children I look for clothes that GIVE!
By GIVE I mean... stretchy, soft, and easy to clean!
My kids like to paint my clothes with peanut butter,
coloring utensils, and what not. I'll be their canvas any day!
I wear my hair UP a lot more now that I'm a mama.
My husband called this messy bun: "beautiful, organized chaos." *Blush*

...my top three MUST HAVES for my mama wardrobe...

FLATS. flat boots, ballet-style flats, and flip flops. flats for every season! baby chasing flats, my friends.

LAYERING TANKS/CAMIS. layers help smooth out my figure (especially right after having a baby!), add a pop of color, and keep my skin from showing as i bend in funny shapes all day wrestling my boys!

A PAIR OF JEANS THAT MAKE ME FEEL LIKE A ROCKSTAR. i want to feel good about my body! and sometimes that is hard with the seasons of motherhood! i seriously own a pair of "favorite" jeans for every stage that i find myself gracing these days: pre-pregnancy, during pregnancy, and post-pregnancy!

What are your mama wardrobe faves?! Must haves?! Has your style changed much with having kids?


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  1. I LOVE your style!
    Found your blog through the mam style link up!

    1. Maria! Thanks for coming over! I was just checking out your blog. LOVE your post for the link-up. YOU have a beautiful spirit :-) XO

  2. Thanks for stopping by Kiidsnob! You rock that outfit! Newest follower here :) Have a fantastic week! xoxo

  3. love your mint jeans. great style and great back drop! and great messy bun.

    1. thanks for coming over to check it out, Kirsty!!! i LOVE my mint jeans :-) XO

  4. i've always wanted mint skinny jeans! so cute! and love it with the stripes!


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