Monday, January 28, 2013

The Power of a Sister

We're 22 months apart.

That's close enough to drive each other crazy, get into trouble,
swap wardrobes, have the same friends, share some of the same school assignments,
and draw out the BEST comments from spectators...

"I bet you guys fought ALL THE TIME while growing up."

"You two probably didn't even want to be friends."

"There's NO WAY you didn't drive each other AND YOUR PARENTS crazy!"

But believe it or not... she has ALWAYS been one of my best friends!

I remember that two different times my parents tried to give us each our own room.
That was a waste of space. We would sneak into each others' rooms at night and fall asleep together.
That was AFTER we tickled each other to death of course.
My dad would yell from the other room as he banged on the wall in warning,
"If I have to come in there and separate you two - it's not going to be pretty!"
That just made us take our giggling UNDER the covers!

There were definitely days when we wanted our own space, our own clothes, and our own friends!
We had a cousin that we shared as a mutual friend...

"I invited her over... she's my friend today!"

My mom would remind ME all the time,
"Friends come and go, but your sister will ALWAYS be there."

Such wisdom. Why is it that we can't see that as adolescents?!

I can't imagine life without her. Or any of my siblings for that matter!!!

So how did we make it work? I'm not sure. Technically I probably should have hated her or something.
EVERYONE would said, "Oh hi, Brittany! Wow, your sister is beautiful she should be a supermodel!"

And they were right. She's a gorgeous, funny, out-going, creative, talented, wonderful FREE SPIRIT!!!
God knew that I needed her. I think the greatest lesson Nellie has taught me in life is: "TO LET GO."

Growing up I was the polar opposite of a free spirit. I needed structure, routine, and MY WAY all the time. I'd like to think that she rubbed off on me a little bit and that I'm not so "uptight" in my adult years!!!

The power of a sister
- she didn't use her obvious beauty or God-given talents to hurt me.
She BLESSED me by affirming me as her SISTER; always relishing in the beauty and talents that I possessed - complimenting me with HER gifts and grace.

We did that for each other.

And THAT is how it worked and still works today.
If you've got a sibling, remember that you hold POWER to bless or curse them!

So with the sister power I've been given...

I'd like to shout out to my best friend for LIFE, Nellie, and wish her a VERY HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!
We've spent 24 years together. We STILL swap wardrobes, share some of the same friends, and enjoy a lot of the same mom-wife-life activities! I look forward to the years to come - of raising babies,
watching our hair turn gray, and making fun of each other as we turn into HOT, old ladies!!
Love you forever, Nell-Bell. XO

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  1. Haha, just commented on your Mama style blog post, but I just HAD to comment on this too!
    I just wrote a similar post about my sister (we're 18 months apart)!
    I feel so blessed to have a best friend/sister too!

    1. That's AWESOME!!! You understand the blessing :-) I am so excited to watch my boys grow up (15 months apart!) - and see their friendship develop! CLOSE siblings - such a beautiful thing!


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