Tuesday, April 2, 2013

:: Come Awake ::

Easter. What a blessing.
What wondrous love... to live, die, and rise for someone.
Talk about romance. My heart will flutter over this for life.

We remember. We celebrate. We believe.

We shared a seder meal & washed each others' feet.
Let me be your servant.
 photo 97d49cbc-17df-43cb-b8b6-b11703915a0e_zps402fe824.jpg photo efc3b2f4-aec8-4185-9d02-6e6d86a00136_zps7ff9b464.jpg
"Oh happy fault that won for us so great a Savior..."
We kissed Jesus' wounds and laid Him in the tomb.
Let our lives be an offering of thanksgiving for this sacrifice.
 photo 83debe71-fd74-49b7-ac8a-fe9a412c568b_zps57d3cec2.jpg
Joy comes in the morning!
Easter egg hunters.
"We remember how You loved us to Your death
and still we CELEBRATE for You are with us here..."

 photo 1a086fe1-ad9b-47c6-b674-1a92328bb685_zpsab5d1270.jpg photo d21ac6fd-47a9-4313-8dac-2bd436776418_zps8b0300fc.jpg photo f36e0951-ab3e-431a-a8e6-f0e3fb4d52dc_zpsfa4dc076.jpg
Alleluia. Alleluia. Alleluia. We sing, Alleluia.
A glorified tomb! He has risen from the dead!
Easter morning. Come awake! Come awake!
 photo edd6fe10-bf85-4967-9c90-205372a9f8d2_zps830748c2.jpg photo 25521ad1-c05d-46c0-aa4d-c4e6d3330702_zpsf20d402b.jpg
A time of celebration. Our salvation is confirmed.
Nathan led us in songs of praise and adoration!
"Oh death, where is your sting? Oh hell, where is your victory?
Oh Church, come stand in the light...
Our God's not dead HE'S ALIVE HE'S ALIVE!"

 photo 51a24976-e8dc-4f01-b4ba-1d1897250682_zps026d6955.jpg photo 99e3f8eb-571f-489b-b693-62140ec2d61c_zpsa3d4e55c.jpg photo 762907db-c902-4590-9fb7-a1882f225ea3_zps0621544c.jpg photo 12c5b1af-86ab-4fa9-aeb4-6fad1859843e_zpsd83e18c4.jpg
May the joy of Easter be yours.
With love from our family.
Let's celebrate!

Let's celebrate this season of Easter
this season of Spring
with a GIVEAWAY!!!

Happy Easter.

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