Monday, April 1, 2013

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You know what blows me away?
Strong wind and SUPER AWESOME people who are doing
radical things to change our current culture for Christ!!!

Meet Jamie and Grace.
They are a husband, wife, 19 month old, +TWO in utero team that is working out of their home
and backyard factory (aka studio) to bring fashion to life that AWAKENS society.

They just love fashion. AND on top of that - they love the Lord and His Church.
They are designers. They are culture shakers. They are Paradigm Clothing.
And... drum roll please... they are giving away TWO $20 credits to their shop this week!!!
Count them: TWO winners for this giveaway! Let's do this.

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Our culture is asleep. We desire to awaken culture through truth.
We will do that by presenting clothing with a somewhat hidden message.
Clothing that uses art and style to subtly convey a deeper meaning.

Our world longs for something different, something fulfilling, something worth living for.
It longs for the promise that Christ gave: to “have life to the fullest” (John 10:10).

In order for this “something different” to happen, there needs to be a paradigm shift
in the minds and hearts of our culture. The lens through which we view life needs
to undergo a transformation. Paradigm Clothing is not the agent of change that will bring about this transformation, but is a tool that will be used by the agents of change.

We as the Church must be the change we want to see in the world.
 photo shift_zps76eb94b9.jpg photo eb855897-7d53-48bb-b4b0-214a0b424152_zps015f88f3.jpg photo 4c769258-ffe6-444e-9a8a-108adefc76b0_zps4c860a91.jpg

Our mission at Paradigm Clothing is to clean the lens
that the world looks through – making truth clear and definitive once more.

I don't know about you, but I am beyond eager to join them in this mission!
As a Christian AND fellow fashion lover - I want my style to MEAN something.
I want to SPARK a light - a conversation - a conversion of heart - by the clothes I am wearing.

As an ambassador for Christ - I will wear PARADIGM!

ENTER for a chance to WIN one of two $20 credits to their online store
so you can wear Paradigm Clothing too!!!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

U.S. residents only please. Contest runs from 4/1-4/7. No purchase necessary to participate.
Winner will be notified via e-mail between 4/8-4/9. If winner fails to respond within 72 hours
they forfeit their winnings and a new winner will be picked.

Pretty happy Monday, huh?!? GOOD LUCK!

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  1. I just love these, and your are just adorable!

    1. thanks, Katie!!! i love this company too!

  2. Love the striped tank top and the kolbe!

  3. I think it's all pretty awesome. I actually like the guys stuff too, I could totally see my hubby in their kolbe shirt :)

    1. the Kolbe shirt is AWESOME, Brittany!!! definitely one of my faves. and i LOVE the story behind it too - so cool! XO

  4. i like the pink striped shirt. the website's not working for me

    1. so cute!!! and it looks like you WON!!! woohoo... credit to shop!!! congrats!


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