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Have a muffin with your NFP

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So we made these muffins the other day... lovely for gluten-free!
Erin McKenna rocked our world with her little recipe.

I should say though, if you are used to box muffin mixes, then you probably need not apply to this
recipe right away. These are NOT super sweet. But I like them that way - the blueberries
were so VIBRANT! And we used honey instead of agave - so so subtle! Earthy muffins!

I had to hold my kids back. They would have eaten their weight in these had I let them.
 photo e5197cef-9bfc-44ef-bd1a-c2decf3b2fe0_zps3f235c8d.jpg
So there's this little article of sorts that is an absolute riot!
And by riot I mean: I laughed so hard my husband thought I was losing it.
You can check it out HERE >>> and keep clicking the arrows at the bottom
of the page... they add more to it every day to my great entertainment!!!
(an IUSENFP & 1FLESH production)

For those reading who are like, "NF...what?!" Don't worry. I know - it's strange and expected of me
because I am Catholic, right? WRONG. There are soooooo many Catholics out there who don't even know
the teachings on this stuff. It's crazy, people. Crazy I tell you.
And it's NOT just for Catholics.

But yea, we are people of the chart.
Charts are for men and women who want a radically free sex life!

"How's that possible?! Don't you abstain and all... all the time or something?!"

I know that is what's going through your head! I know you have half a dozen wild questions
dying to be answered. But all I can say right now is that understanding your body and your
fertility is empowering. Having your spouse understand it too... now that's just AWESOME.

I think most men are probably just really familiar with three other little letters: PMS. Haha.

I mean - I've ran into women who don't even know when they ovulate each month.
They are the ones that seem to buy into the the contraception lie most easily.
Doctors make the woman's cycle out to be such a "big mystery" - something to be afraid of...

When the truth is... you can KNOW your body, it's rhythm, and seriously be able to plan
WITH GOD the timing of children for your family.
More info HERE.

And if you are good at it... your abstinence days should only total about 8. EIGHT. 10 tops.

I would like to quote my husband on this matter. It blows me away at HOW GOOD GOD'S DESIGN
for sex and marriage is. This is in regards to phase 2 (the time of ovulation)(abstinence):

"It makes me feel like we are newly married again!"

Whaaaaaaaaat?! It's soooo so so true. Emphasis on the "true" part.
It's like those times of abstinence bring us back to our dating days,
when we were saving sex for marriage. Builds up the anticipation -
helps us to focus on other ways to LOVE each other.

Women go on and on sometimes about THEIR BODY - THEIR RIGHTS.
And it's true - it is YOUR body - you do have rights...

But are we stopping to think about what that really means as we stand before God?
What does HE want for your body? I have a hard time imagining that He wants us to
use hormones and other unnatural means and barriers to have OUR RIGHTS.

God's order is so natural - so pure - so life giving.
With no side effects (physical or spiritual) other than GRACE!
The world is not your friend. I think that doctors and pharmaceutical companies
see us as MONEY - they are not looking out for the good of our WHOLE person.

Ok, stepping off my little soapbox now. You guys know how much I love to talk about NFP.
Stay tuned - I'm sure I'll talk about it again... in oh... 5 seconds... Haha.

Funny story: My dad told me that NFP stood for "National Fire Protection" when I was
a little girl. I bought it. But now I know!

NFP is "Natural Family Planning" - and maybe you should eat a muffin and go watch
that funny little article I linked up above!

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  1. So where would one buy gluten free flour and what the heck is xanthan gum?

    1. You know, I just buy it from my regular, old grocery store in the g-free section... usually right next to the "all-natural" section (that always cracks me up!... like the rest of the store isn't or something!). But yea - if you guys don't have an allergy, I would stick to whole wheat flour and skip the xantham gum?? Not sure how that would pan out with this recipe though. Xantham gum is a binder used in place of GLUTEN found in wheat products. It helps them stick together and not crumble!

  2. I think its pretty amazing that after three kids, we still feel like newlyweds in the bedroom. Run down? Yeah, we are beat tired after all we do, but we still have lots of fun!

  3. Wow, I had never heard much about this before! It was super interesting to hear your views on it and learn a little more about it! I honestly haven't looked into this or anything like it because I'm not going to be married for a while now but thank you for sharing! I love that you take a strong stand on this :)

    1. Aww wow so glad you found this interesting! I take such a strong stand for soooo many reasons!!! Definitely something to keep in your back pocket as you approach marriage - there are MANY benefits to using Natural Family Planning. I could go on and on and on!!! But you know where to find me - if you ever have any questions or need some solid info :-) XO

  4. This is Ann and we used symptothermal NFP and ecological breastfeeding { see Sheila Kippley @ NFPInternational if you want } for over 20 years to space our children; I am so happy for you and this is a great post! Best wishes!

    1. Ann! wow - so cool to hear from an older generation! NFP is where it's at, folks!!!

    2. This is Ann again (not anonymous) {NOT computer saavy} our 3 in the married world "do" NFP as well! Keep writing, too! +BTWay, we had cornbread muffins w/guava yesterday /YUM/ I will have to try yours soon lol


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