Thursday, April 25, 2013

Dress My Momma Body

I love clothes. It's no secret. And what I love even more than clothes is NEW clothes.
Dangerous, I know. It doesn't have to be BRAND NEW though - thank goodness!
Just new to me.

Oh motherhood has had its way with my body.
I've been to super-preggo and back again. Twice.

 photo 439c953e-4888-4361-b96e-5e0d85cf19cd_zps0f0b0e8c.jpg

And all I want... is to feel cute in the clothes I am wearing without breaking the bank.

If you opened my closet you would find an array of clothes from size 4 to 12.
It may seem excessive, but we plan on having more children - so I know that my body
is going to continue fluctuating in size for many more years to come.

A budget lifesaver.
Here are my tips and tricks, ladies and gentlemen.

This season I have had to go out and buy an entire new Spring/Summer
wardrobe for my body that is smaller than it's been in a long time.
I haven't seen size 4 since 6th grade.
::: so here is my game plan when it comes to dressing my ever-changing momma body :::
Thrift Stores FIRST (NO shame! Honestly, some of my FAVORITE clothes have been thrifted.)
Coupons/Sales SECOND
Full Price/Brand New THIRD

And I am ALWAYS open to gifts and hand-me-downs!

I spent $20.00 on all my shirts. Ok H&M had a killer sale going on AND I had
$5.00 OFF coupons! But that's what I'm talking about - PLAN to shop!
Some were gifted & some came from Goodwill.

 photo 299c8908-6663-4153-a33b-1121f79baca5_zps94f09ee0.jpg

$60.00 on dress clothes. Dressy clothes are a little more difficult for me to find.
I'm picky and want to be fashionable AND modest... so difficult sometimes!

A sweet sale at Old Navy landed me the blue stripes for $10,
and I nabbed that great coral dress from Marshalls for $20.00 (wedding attire!).
Dark stripes are from Target - everything else... Gap and Ann Taylor from Goodwill!

Ok and the shoes?! I'm in love with them!
A sale at Wet Seal got me the brown ones for $7 and I found the black ones,
like new, from another thrift store for $5.
 photo 4c8f1aeb-a333-426f-9582-1aa632104b0d_zps2eac9d67.jpg photo c54eb640-9653-4acc-8363-45a476976d8b_zps56e9a50b.jpg

$12.00 on shorts. Yea. This is probably my favorite deal! I literally walked into Goodwill
one night and BAM! They had my sizes, in the colors I wanted, for CHEAP.

These are Eddie Bauer, Old Navy, Gap, and Vera Wang, ok?! I would have spent 5X's that amount
picking them up BRAND NEW. But hey... they are new to me AND because I don't know how long I'll
be at this size (more babies in the near future hopefully!)... it feels better to not spend
a ton of money.

 photo 8b6ccedb-8d7d-45ce-8f07-affbad18fcbf_zps9683301d.jpg

So there you have it...
A whole new Spring/Summer wardrobe for less than $100?
Yes, please!


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  1. Bought that blue striped old navy dress too! In 3 colors haha, figured it will fit my growing belly for at least part of the summer :)

    I love shopping at thrift stores.. for pregnancy jeans I found a GREAT little resale shop here that has literally hundreds of pairs of NICE jeans, was able to score 3 pairs for $30 this week in 2 sizes just in case my hips decide they want to take up even more space ;)

    1. crazy! we have the same dress! yea i can totally see that dress lasting you into the last months of pregnancy - so loose and flowly!!!

  2. We only buy thrift clothes, except underwear and one new pair quality of shoes a season for the kids. I don't feel like I have to sacrifice fashion or name brands. I've bought many a pair of designer jeans for less than $10 each. Cute finds!

    1. Amanda, I feel the SAME way! It is amazing what is out there - name brands and all!!!

  3. I am obsessed with thrifting! I always try to hit up the Goodwill's near rich neighborhoods knowing that I will find some killer name-brand steals. A few weeks ago...I found 8 pairs of pants (2 jeans, 6 dress pants) for $40. All of which included NY&C, Ann Taylor, Gap, etc. I felt like I cheated the system...and that was very rewarding.

    1. 8 pairs for $40?! shoot, girl! that's uuuuhmazing!!! totally NOT cheating the system... i like to see it as "repurposing clothes"!!! good for you!

  4. Girl, this is AWESOME. You make me want to go to Goodwill right now. LOVE the shorts deal!

    1. DO IT. i love hunting for clothes! wish you lived closer - we could go together!!!

  5. I need to come to your goodwill. Our thrift shops here are collage students trying to make a few bucks from some old clothes. That or I don't have the time to really shop for myself. I need to try more..but I also don't need anything right now.
    BUT...I did totally just buy a good 90% of Zoey's summer clothes from our 2nd hand store. I was impressed with what I got. still have to total all my buys for the girls but i think i did good.


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