Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Boy Cave

You know what gets me bent out of shape sometimes?!
When people are all like, "I won't be able to DO things when I have children."
Usually I snap right back into shape. It lasts for like 2 seconds.
If you've said this to me in the past... don't worry, I've forgotten.
End vent. Moving on!

I believe you can set your mind to what you want to do... even as a mother!
Like paint a bedroom with two small children running around.
It's crazy. Yes. But they are my life... and I love to make it work!

Funny - my children are the ones who INSPIRE me.
They make me do crazy things! I was pretty much begged to paint their room "Crested Falcon."

::: sad, blank canvas :::
 photo 5c63bfb9-0296-45eb-a487-0e666927efbb_zps23a30eff.jpg

I just put every toy I could find in the living room and let them loose.
They were like elves on caffeine. Basically a dream come true for them.
And then I gave them chocolate-coconut milk shakes... hello!
Bribery is a good thing sometimes, folks.
You know you do it too! Don't judge.

 photo 11cf026c-4198-4444-b5cf-d9d49edfc995_zpsc6fe1095.jpg photo ef2a16e2-5609-4942-9df2-675d16f3281c_zpsf17e13a6.jpg

::: what a can of $20 paint will get ya :::
 photo fe316376-3c7f-4447-a1e1-16e8f61362fa_zps3f5f472f.jpg photo 5dda8936-4984-4420-a6c2-5be064bb4524_zps899a3b07.jpg photo 1186b56f-bf1c-4341-931c-7cf26fe45446_zpsde0a16f4.jpg

::: Davie Crockett... I mean, er, Judah... approved! :::
 photo c0b14089-3752-430d-8cf4-9acb459020b3_zps0e046792.jpg

P.S. My children typically wear more clothing. The stripping and raccoon hat was their inner wild man
coming out at they were slightly unsupervised by a domestic influence.

P.P.S. Yes, I obviously cleaned up the room and made the beds for the photo shoot.
But believe it or not - before naptime and bedtime they clean up EVERY toy.
It's a routine. They hate me for it. But I'm cool with being the bad guy.

Celebrating my one year blogiversary aaaaall week long...
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  1. Wow, you are a great painter!!! It looks wonderful!

    1. haha you have no idea, Rosie. i get paint EVERYWHERE! my dad always use to make fun of me. i should have taken a picture of my legs... and the floorboards... i got it all off, but still!!! thanks!!!

  2. love the color, it looks great! and i agree, having kids doesn't mean we can't do anything. just give them chocolate to keep them busy. just kidding. time management and creativity is a must. i don't always get them right, but it works!

    1. this color is my all time fave! i used it in my kitchen back when we rented. just love it. such a non-overwhelming gray. totally agree - time management and creativity are KEY. i feel like i get the best of the world with my boys by my side through life! i'm sure you feel the same way about your kids!!! XO

  3. love it! Your boys are so cute!

    1. thank you, Miss Jami!!! i'm a sucker for those two. they are the best!!!!

  4. Nice!! And do I see a "Holy Spirit" streamer on the easel? LOVE!


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