Thursday, May 16, 2013

GIFT IDEA: baby on board

I saw this idea on Instagram not too long ago and thought it was pure genius.
Such a neat way to celebrate a "baby on board" - FIRST TRIMESTER SURVIVAL KIT!

For me, first pregnancy was a breeze. It's easy to take that first and second...
maybe even third nap of the day without other little babies running around! Most of my friends are on
baby #2 or baby #3 right now... and support is needed when momma is busy growing another baby!

 photo 67580176-d570-4fbd-a42c-ca7d6a7efdb9_zps85d037bf.jpg photo 8e1a8e2a-a0b2-4e65-bfff-2d403b7d51f0_zps22514250.jpg photo 4bbcf9c7-a253-4f25-9a69-b2d5b721dfec_zps714311ed.jpg

The bag can be filled with whatever best fits the situation at hand!
I filled this gift bag with candy, ginger-peppermint tea, relaxing bath salt, and little projects for siblings...
to hopefully keep them distracted for some time while momma takes a rest.

Babies seem to be EVERYWHERE right now! I love it. LIFE is beautiful.
Do you know some babies-on-board too?! Gift their mommas this Spring!!!

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  1. super thoughtful! any momma would love that!

  2. this is such a GRAND idea. i'm sure any mommy would appreciate the thoughtfulness of a gift like this. :)

    yes, life is truly beautiful.



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