Thursday, May 2, 2013

Mother's Day "Project"

 photo 55fa44ae-4d7c-45dd-82ba-d893ddd3b561_zps3a5dece0.jpg

I love my momma. She's my best friend for life. Since we were able to visit her last weekend,
we took advantage of the timing to bring her a little Mother's Day gift!

My two year old begs to do a "project" every, single day... sometimes multiple times a day.
And play dough, crayons, and water colors just don't cut it sometimes! This blew his mind.

 photo 8df8832e-f85f-4908-a3c7-8d0f27e633ba_zps8521a425.jpg photo 0dfd91e6-a9de-4bd6-9f1e-cc70d842162c_zpsab337318.jpg

Oh what a mess! These little guys LOVED using their hands to make this gift for grandma.
I used permanent markers to trace their hands onto the pot! Easy. Fun.

 photo 7913a395-e8f5-4982-82cc-ccf20cb77829_zpsf8e88f27.jpg photo 01158cae-d7fd-41b0-81a6-32883e17f1aa_zps4b16d1d6.jpg

My dining room was a disaster by the way. Dirt zone. I had to mop.
But the excitement was worth it!

 photo 262838f8-dda5-40a6-be47-ff262bfd3312_zps851f32a8.jpg photo 49bdf51b-c48d-44a1-893a-a1b48ed5cda4_zps14424672.jpg

They did most of this by themselves. It was a riot and my mom loved it!
What are you giving to MOM this May?!?!

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  1. They are adorable. It looks like they love hands on projects like my little ones. You are so good for letting them get into dirt! :)

    1. haha it was a good time! THEY were so good for sharing their enthusiasm with me! made clean-up way easier!!!

  2. can I just tell you how much I adore this precious blog space of yours?! Glad I found you on IG {hilmarhan on there} - your family is precious, and so is your heart! I bet your mom will treasure those for a long time!

    1. awww thanks, Hillary!!! happy you are here! thanks for your sweet comment. i was kind of jealous handing it over to my mom... i kind of wanted to keep it for myself!!!

  3. I love their hands on the pot! Such a special touch for grandma! My sister and I are actually thinking of doing a small garden for my mom. Wish us luck. We have no clue what we are doing it!

    1. whoa! that is so ambitious and cool of you sisters! i'm sure the memories made during the adventure will be PRICELESS!!! your mom is blessed! XO

  4. Stealing this idea!!!!!!!!


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