Tuesday, June 4, 2013

The Potty Training Chronicles

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Potty training. I don't even know what to say.
Last week, Isaiah decided it was time. That was key for us: child led.
He had fought us for MONTHS on this matter. He acted as if the toilet was going to swallow him.
I get it. It's a big bowl to a little dude. So we waited. But when he said "potty now"
I was all over that like gum in toddler hair.

Day 1:
Not ONE accident. We even took a short trip to Home Depot and he asked to use the potty.
I'm thinking: "I don't know why parents make such a big deal about this!"
This rookie idea is embarrassing now. I know nothing.

Day 2:
He FREAKED OUT when he woke up from a night's sleep with a wet diaper.
Very discouraged 2 year old. I coaxed him into some big boy pants and we had one accident.
In other news, JUDAH fell in the toilet. I don't even know what to say about that. It was funny?!
I'm a terrible mother.

Day 3:
There were lots of accidents. I blocked this day from my memory.

Day 4:
Me: "Isaiah, why did you poop in your pants? You were doing so well.
Does momma poop her pants?! (stupid question)
Isaiah: "Yeeeea!!!"

Day 5:
We have a routine down. Isaiah pees and gets 3 M&Ms... and Judah gets 3 for the moral support.
I get 10 because I'm the personal trainer and I said so.
Not sure when to cut off the M&M reward mobile. I think I'll keep it up until I feel
like I am properly repaid in chocolate for this life skill I am teaching my son.

Potty training is fun *insert fake smile*. Is it over yet?
Any tips or tricks you seasoned ponies have for this young whipper snapper?

On a very sincere and slightly melancholy note: HOW CUTE IS THIS LITTLE BUM?!
I will always love you, Zay. Even when you pee on "Thomas".
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  1. this was such a funny and adorable post. i would've thought falling in the toilet was funny too. you should've instagrammed it! kudos to you mommy, i'm sure it'll start getting a lot better!

    1. i couldn't find my phone! i didn't have the heart to let him sit in the toilet... lol!!! it's getting better - we're on day 4 of no accidents! AAWEEESOMMMME!


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