Monday, July 1, 2013

Our Awkward Family Photos

I'm no professional, but I can all but guarantee that these photos are
far from quality. Oh it's not the camera, but the subjects that just
couldn't quite get it together and face the wind.

These were shot at a wedding reception over the weekend.
By the looks of some of these you would think we drank the bar dry. False.


The wedding we attended was HOLY BEAUTIFUL. Christ was obviously
at the center of their hearts and relationship - and you could feel THAT overflowing
on to all who gathered to witness... and party!

Nathan and I are HUGE fans of breaking the mold, being unpredictable, and rebelling
against social norms. For our wedding we basically eloped - 110 guests that we served
boxed cake mix that we made ourselves. Funfetti to be exact. I know. Genius.

So this couple totally did BREAKFAST for DINNER at their reception!
I'm smiling just thinking about how they served what THEY wanted and not what was expected
as a perfect reflection of their relationship. Forget filet mignon, pass the syrup.


Ok so the volume of hilarity is seriously drowning out any words I can possibly
think of to explain away these photos to you. These top models are some of my family
and I'm proud to call them blood. It's just I'm not so sure they can say the same of me.

Hope your weekend was as funny and blessed as ours!!!
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  1. oh. my. goodness. hahaha! these are the best candids ever!!! that last one totally made me LOL. :D

    happy day to you, brittany.


    1. glad they could make you laugh, Marli!!!


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