Wednesday, July 3, 2013


Uniforms. I was a Catholic school girl for 3 seconds back when I did time in Kindergarten.
Even at 5 years old, the monotony all but killed my inner fashionista. I remember wearing bright colored
headbands and big bows that didn't match to spice up the knee-length plaid and boat shoes.
I cried and cried over those boat shoes my mom made me wear.

Dear 5 year old, Brittany... you were young and didn't know, but those boat shoes were
waaaaaaaay cooler than the light-up shoes every other girl and her brother were wearing!

I was a server at Applebees for 2.5 years back in the day. People thought I was 12 and I was stopped by
a new manager once because he thought I was carrying liquor to a table illegally. Y'all I wore a lot of
black-on-black in those days with a little button that said, "Hi Neighbor". And non-slip, restaurant shoes?
Don't even get me started. Statement earrings and bright colored camis were my saving grace in those days.

Now that I'm a mom, there are times that I wish we ALL just had uniforms.
Picking out an outfit that actually matches and is fashionable with a 3 year old chirping (whining!)
for his breakfast and a 21 month old glued to your leg because that said 3 year old keeps throwing a ball
at his head is worthy of a spread in Vogue. Maybe a small spread?

Summer is easy for me. Lots of fitted tanks and flow-y skirts. My skin can drink in sweet summer
and the get-up is perfect for gracefully refereeing the two boys that God has blessed me with.

TANK = H&M // SKIRT = Handmade in the good ole US of A // BRACELET: Forever 21 //
(brown) GODDESS SANDALS = Wet Seal

My littles are to be found running around in shorts and t-shirts at all times.
Nothing fancy, but they make it look cute!
Oh and hats. They love hats.

FAVORITE kid shorts and hats come from The Children's Place.
FAVORITE kid t-shirts come from Old Navy and Target.

What are your summer essentials right now?

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  1. My Olivia reminds me so much of you, we tried a private school for a bit and she was just like you, any color she could throw in she would. She's so her own person and her clothing so reflects her personality

    1. aww that's great!!! sweet little Olivia... the fashionista!!!

  2. I like your skirt! I was just telling my husband this morning on the way to church I need a flowy (is that a word?) skirt to wear with tank tops.

    1. flow-y is a word in my book! it's my fave look. flow-y with tanks! i'm actually wearing that exact get-up RIGHT NOW! so nice. and feminine. and cool for this hot hot heat wave!!!


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