Thursday, July 18, 2013

The 48 Hour Date

So I'm still in shock that this actually happened and went by without a glitch.
Thank you, Jesus!!! And Grandma Kelly!!! Nathan and I pulled off a 48 hour date that left
us feeling like NEWER newlyweds! I think 4 years of marriage still qualifies us as newlyweds, right?!
I'm so happy that I get to grow old with this man.

I love him to the moon.
And back.
Times infinity.

:: an uninterrupted breakfast + books ::

Our children are the beautiful proof of the love we share. An openness to life has landed
us our precious rewards named Isaiah and Judah and we can't get enough of them. They are the music
of our lives and we dance it out every day, aaaaaall day, til our hearts explode. Then we do it again!

But our children would not be here if it were not for the love and relationship that we share
as husband and wife. We know and understand that if our marriage is strong, loving, and thriving
that they, as our children and witnesses of our union, will receive so many graces from that.

Making time for each other blesses our entire family. Makes us better gifts to each other
and to the sons we have been blessed with. So if we have to take a date night... sigh...
I guess we'll just have to make that sacrifice! Haha. Usually we snag a couple hours here
and there - but the 48, uninterrupted, do-whatever-we-want, sleep in til 10AM, hours that
we had... were aaaaawesome!!! Praise God. Did I say, "Thank you, Grandma Kelly!!!"???

:: pizza + drive-in movie + living life ::

When's the last time you stole away with your spouse?
Can I just say that I highly encourage marriage enrichment hours... or days!!?
Keep those sparks lit, love birds!


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  1. 48 hours? you have the best grandma! seriously, though, it's so good to take time away. so good for you all!

    1. agreed, Leah!!! it was actually MY mom - the grandma to my kids!!! it was awesome! saw you took some time to relax on IG!? how'd that go?!

  2. Yay for date DAYS! and nights! and grandmas.


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