Tuesday, July 16, 2013

The Little Letters

Journals and notebooks are to be found scattered throughout my house - hiding on bookshelves
or tucked away for safe keeping. And by "safe keeping" I mean... I've been keeping a journal
since I was 10 years old - some stuff is just not meant for the public eye!
But my heart is on those pages. So I dub them sacred.

I love the written word - the beautiful lyrics of humanity.

I love it that my history is penned in bound books between parallel lines.
Simple words. Nothing ever too fancy - just the raw emotions, memories,
and glory days called my life.

My newest collection of writings are ones that I know will be my favorite
when my hair has turned to silver and my days are consumed with rocking grandbabies to sleep.
That is... the letters to my children.

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I began writing shortly after we found out we were expecting our first. My journey. Our journey.
My "littles" are my life now. My wishes, hopes, dreams, fears, notes, and prayers - along with
little mementos that mean something to me...

as a wife who is married to a man... who with God conceived and bore two beautiful
children... children that now make me a mother forever... they are forever in my heart...
this heart of a woman who is living out a little piece of heaven on earth...
in embracing this holy and awesome vocation her Father has chosen for her.

Yes, it all means something to me. To them. Paradise is playing out before my eyes and I cannot
help but lovingly pen down the whole account. I want to re-live these moments for
the rest of my life.

I write to my little ones. For them. For me. I want them to know and see through
their sweet history of existence that nothing happens by chance, miracles still occur,
and that there is a God who loves them infinitely more than their earthly father or mother
could ever dream of loving them.

This is part of the legacy I am leaving my children.
A legacy of letters from momma.

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  1. i love this! They will surely treasure these forever :)

    1. thanks, Kerrie! i really hope they do... i know that i will!!! XO


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