Monday, August 5, 2013 + Mom

When I was a child, and well into my teenage years (embarrassing!), I would plan
out my birthday... hour by hour; making sure that every minute was packed with something
fun and exciting. I would put in my order for breakfast-in-bed, pick out the perfect outfit,
and pretty much boss my loved ones around for the day. It was about ME ME ME.
Disclaimer: hormones do crazy things to people.

I still love to party and celebrate life,
but I have definitely taken it down ooooh ten notches or so. I promise.

This past weekend we celebrated my momma.
It fills a big space in my heart to make other people happy.
And helped me out with that this time around!


There are TONS of cards and layouts to choose from on their EASY-TO-NAVIGATE
website! They offer creative designs for every occasion - including ones you probably
have never heard of... like cousin's day?! How cool is that? offers competitive prices and the opportunity to send a SUPER
personalized card to someone special in your life. I LOVE THAT. To top it off, you
can have the card stamped and mailed straight to your intended receiver
OR have it sent to you so you can add some final touches! Either way = awesome.

Hey and enter { CWJ3730 } at the check-out to get 30% off of
your stationary purchase! See website for full details. Offer ends 8/7.

"I don't love FREE apps," said NO ONE ever! also has a FREE app, y'all and
it is suuuuuuuper fun and easy to work. Possibly slightly addicting.

But please - check it out and ignore the fact that I say "tap it" like 4 times in a row in this video.
Positively humiliating, but for the sake of this wondrous print shop...
I will hit PUBLISH and you should go order some cards!!!

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