Friday, August 30, 2013

How I Rank being a Stay-at-Home-Mom

Driving home from working in my garden, my husband asked me
to tell him what are the top 10 things I am most thankful for.
Without hesitation I started rattling off the obvious.

I'm thankful...
For YOU (my husband).
Our kids.
That we are believers.
The garden.
Our health.
Your job.

And then I was caught somewhere between my heart exploding and bursting
into tears as I shared that I am beyond thankful that I can be a stay-at-home-mom.

"That's everything to me," I said.

For ME (emphasis on the "me"), the joy and thankfulness that is in my heart for EVERYTHING
in my life is due in large part to the fact that my husband is willing, eager, and happy to go out
and face the world so that I can be the HEART of the home... freeing me to express my
femininity in mothering, building community, working in ministry, pursuing my passions,
cooking, gardening, creating...

I told you, I want to be Laura Ingalls or Anne of Green Gables. Either one.

I stopped and started laughing at how ridiculous that would sound to a "woman-of-the-world."
She'd be quick to call my paradise a domestic ball and chain. I don't even know what to say
to that. I understand that "paradise" doesn't look the same to every person. So I'll raise my glass
to finding God's will. Because that's ultimately what makes us happy.

Anything outside of that is treading water with blue jeans on. Not fun.

Even now I can hear the ramblings of those I meet at the grocery store, library, doctor's office...

"You stay home with your kids?! You're a saint."
Yes. Not really.

"Well, if that's how you want to use your degree... that's cool."
Why yes, it is. Thank you. I apparently have a brain and I'm trying
really hard not to wield all kinds of CRAZY at you right now.

"I would DIE if I had to stay home with my kids every single day."
Good thing you don't then.

My personal fave: "If I stayed home with my kids, I would be soooooo bored."
Bored? I don't know what profession you'd need to be in to sew up a busted chin,
chase a 3 year old through Target, stop the baby from killing the pet fish, or race
through the grocery store to pick up necessities (chocolate and wine, heeeello!) like
you're on a domestic version of SURVIVOR! Yea, I don't know. Boring.

I do believe I am digressing...

And then there's the garden - tending an extension of my heart, home, and family.
Growing our own food is like walking the streets of heaven and filling ourselves with
whatever God has prepared (like I've walked the streets of heaven before!?).
He has touched the earth and brought forth life... we have touched the fruit
and lovingly prepared it, consumed it, or stored it away for the winter months.

Again, being a stay-at-home mom has given me tons of time to work in the garden and harvest
what is given. I could go on and on and on... aren't you glad this is a blog and you aren't
sitting in front of me?! You might never be able to leave!

But alas this post must come to an end...
Enjoy the weekend, loves!!!

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  1. who-hoo for stay-at-home moms! so thankful that my mom was able to be one and homeschool us kids. Lord willing, i would love to follow in her footsteps as being a stay-at-home mother one day.


    1. hey my mom stayed home and homeschooled me and my sibs too! i hope God answers the desires of your heart and allows you to follow in your momma's footsteps! -Psalm 37:4-

  2. love this post!! oh yes... I have had so many moms say I am crazy. I don't think spending time with my children, keeping my house up, serving food to my family is crazy. I think thats what God intended for me to do. I was meant to be at home.

    1. join the "crazy" club... the CRAZY AWESOME club, wiscomom!!! so beautiful that you've found and are at peace with God's call for your life! keep up the good work, momma!!! and bless your family!!!

  3. I just love your heart for your family! You are such an encouragement Brittany.. I often see the opposite.. like the things people mention to you about being a stay at home mom.. but you are THANKFUL and love every minute God has given you with those babies!If the Lord ever chose us as parents, I would hope I would be just like you in how you are with your family! :)

    1. oh Jess - the negativity surrounding motherhood these days is dark and powerful. i just think that if God is calling someone into that vocation, then it's going to be great (even in the hardest moments) because that is His will for your life... your path to heaven! I AM so thankful. And I "try" really hard to love "every" minute! But sometimes... ya know?! Like... today when my 3 year old screamed the entire way into the house from the car! My neighbors were peeping through their blinds. I'm sure! Embarrassing. Humbling. Exhausting... "trying" to love moments like those too! Just keeping it real!

      Thank you for your sweet compliments :-) I'm sure you'd make a great momma!!!!

  4. I would absolutely love to be a stay at home mom to my little girl, but instead I am the one who is working and hubby is the one who is being the stay at home dad for now. It's amazing how little mothers are appreciated for being a stay at home parent. I know some SAHM who have received comments like "What do you DO all day??" Umm...they take care of their children. People without children really cannot wrap their head around how much work they are, myself included until I had my own. It's a selfless job that's not appreciated enough in our society. I mean, women worked so hard for workplace equality, why on earth would you go backwards and take on a more traditional role? Well, because as thankless as it is, it's your time spent shaping little people who are going to go off and affect the world in their own way and if you, as a mom, can make that affection positive then (I think) you're doing a whole world of good.

    Good for you for being a stay at home mom and loving every single moment of it. I find your words to be so inspirational and moving. Thank you for that :)

    1. Hey Jessica! See - you are the perfect example... motherhood does not look the same for all of us! Being a SAHM isn't the "way" for every family - but it is beautiful that you have such an appreciation for it! And the love for your family exudes from your comment here!!!

      I agree, it's hard to "imagine life with kids" until it is happening! Every family (all the different temperment combos!) is so unique.

      So happy you stopped by and shared your heart!!! XO

  5. Brittany this is so beautiful and I agree being a SAHM is an incredible experience! Thanks for sharing this :-D

  6. So are you going to include recipes for the food you posted above?

    1. I have posted my applesauce recipe before :-) Search under recipes - or type "sauce" into the search engine on my page! My spaghetti sauce is random every time I make it. I did not measure or keep track of anything. So sorry! Wish I had!!! And those are just dehydrated peach skins. Easy peasy. Check "recipes" for the applesauce recipe - and I'm sorry about the pasta sauce deal! Maybe next time I make it I'll make a recipe card for ya'll!! XO

  7. This post makes me soo happy! I know the exact feelings your describing about being at home day in and day out with your's absolutely amazing. You can tell that you are so in your element doing what you're doing, it's awesome to see! Ohh and I like what you did with those apple skins, did you bake them!?! I'll have to try that!

    1. Awwww good, Shannon!!! It IS amazing. Such a gift though. One that I DO NOT take for granted. They are actually peach skins... and I dehydrated them in the oven (low low temp) for 8 hours? Just a fun, healthy snack for my babes :-)


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