Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Take Me to The Mason Bar Company

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I am 10 years old and laying in the sun after hours and hours
of swimming in my grandma's pool. She calls us to the patio where
she has peanut butter and homemade jelly sandwiches, a bag of potato chips,
and Mason jars (the ones with the handles!) full of Tang!
The bright orange nectar and tinkling ice dance in my jar -
oh to drink "summer" again!

I am 14 years old and picking pears out by my garden.
Hundreds and hundreds of ripe, yellow fruits destined to be preserved
in Mason jars. I love washing out the jars before canning. Millions of little
bubbles and their rainbows held in the palm of that rounded glass. Shiny, squeaky
clean - lining dozens of shelves in my basement with fruit to last all winter long.

Mason jars are my old friends -
familiar, nostalgic, and comforting.

So you can imagine my JOY when stumbling upon
Miss Bobbi and her Esty shop: The Mason Bar Company!!!

Beautiful, glass Mason jar tumblers with BPA-free straws and lids.
She even offers sleeves to keep your Mason jar cozy!
Lots of happiness to chose from! It is now my "cup" of choice!!!

Each sip takes me on a trip down memory lane...
and that makes me feel LOVED.

Ladies and gentlemen, without further adieu...

Hello, my name is Bobbi and I am the original creator of the Mason Jar Tumbler.
My idea was born in August of 2011 while chatting with friends about the fact that
we were always spilling our drinks in the car while using our Mason jars.

Soon, we had invented the "crafted" tumbler lid and the idea became a hit in my
original Etsy shop! The original store was called Poppy & Pearl co. where I sold
handmade rings... which is a funny since I'm not a jewelry maker. Haha!
Beautiful things happen when you follow your heart...
even when it doesn't quite make sense.

I quickly began working on an "upgraded" tumbler lid as the originals were hand made
and didn't hold up for a long period of time due to rusting. My bpa free plastic lids
are now being locally manufactured and that's something that makes my heart very, very happy.
Hard work along with passion and support can truly change your life. I am proof that you can
take a little idea and turn it in to a reality! I didn't go to college. I didn't have a whole
lot in my checking account. Just an idea with a bit of faith.

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  1. i adore that quote! so so good. exactly what i'm trying live right now.

    ok. i think i'm going to stop clogging your feed with comments tonight. ;) you have so much good stuff here.


    1. It is all good!!! I'm happy to have a new "friend"!!!


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