Friday, August 23, 2013

The Anniversary of Wedges

You know as a kid... when you have your sibling strap on a pair of rollerblades
and hold on to a jump rope so that you can pull them around the neighborhood on your bike?
Yea, hold that image. That's exactly what our anniversary looked like this year!
It was a wild ride as usual!!!

"Go with the flow" sounds so fresh and hippy, but throw some kids
in the mix and instead of "Relax! Party! Do whatever!" it looks more like...

Snag a babysitter for ANY POINT during the anniversary MONTH
and run out the door as soon as she gets there just in case your children pull
out their bag of circus tricks and start crying an ocean of tears because
you even THOUGHT about leaving them with her.

Sick kid? Well sure, queen size beds can technically hold THREE people.
The more the merrier. On a serious note, it seriously melts my heart to look over
at Nathan, with our wedges (I mean children!) in between us, and see him smiling
back at me. This is love, people.

The three year old is having heart palpitations during your romantic dinner at home
for two... no problem! We've had chaperones before, we can have them again!

Oh you can imagine. Our actual anniversary is August 14th, but that whole
day was spent cleaning, working, and taking care of a sick child! And honestly -
I wouldn't have had it any other way. We STILL celebrated... twice actually!
But since our LOVE has grown beyond us and has taken on the form of an Isaiah
and Judah... we have to bend, grow, roll with the punches! This is my party.
And it's pretty fantastic, awesome!

I made up this box of Trader Joe almond windmill cookies for Nathan!
I can hear my little sister in my head as I type this: "Vomit."
Hey! The tiny sentiments, the smallest details are where the L-O-V-E is at!
Am I right?! Can I get an "amen"?!

Nathan surprised me and got us tickets for Six Flags! We hadn't been since before
we were married! We now understand why the park is full of 16 year olds.
Their bodies can handle it!

We made one of our favorite Cheesecake Factory dishes AT HOME
so that we both could enjoy it and not suffer the consequences of our allergies.
I don't have exact details on this recipe - I just wing it every time...

But you can't go wrong with pecan crusted chicken over homemade pesto and rice pasta -
topped with proscuitto, fresh parmesan shavings, arugula, and garden tomato!

Fun fact: Nathan and I basically eloped. We got married in a small town in West Virginia -
where neither of us (or our families) is from. 110 guests. We served Pillsbury funfetti cake
at our reception that I made with my sister the day before! So it's tradition.
Funfetti cake every year. With sprinkles. Still makes my heart happy.

So yes, it was an anniversary of wedges - cute, little wedges -
but we let go and focused on what really matters... celebrating LIFE together.
And that's what it's all about!

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  1. so cute!! I love the confetti cake idea. we definitely have had wedges on our anniversary :)

    1. Ohh man so you know how GOOD it is, Julia!??! I wouldn't trade it for anything. This is the good stuff. XO

  2. Sounds like perfection. And funfetti, yessss please!

  3. Oh you two are the CUTEST! Love the funfetti idea... Rainbow chip is my FAV.. We had Pizza Hut at our wedding & 65 people.. Best time ever.

    1. Hey so you know!!! And understand!!! Have you published the details on your wedding? I'd love to see that! I'm thinking about writing up "why we eloped" in the near future here... :-)


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