Friday, September 6, 2013

A Tapas {NOT topless} Date

It was either my mom or my grandma. My memory fails me now.
But I KNOW that I had a conversation with one of them many
years ago now that went something like...

"We are going to a tapas restaurant."
"Why would you go to a topless restaurant?!" *shocked face*

Like an adult version of "telephone".

Many moons later, Nathan and I still LOVE going to tapas restaurants...
but sometimes the lack of a babysitter or funds leads us to creating fantastic in-home dates!
Last weekend I brought the magical land of Spanish small bites to our home to celebrate date night!
*gives self a high five* - it was AWESOME you guys!!!

::: on the menu :::

fresh bread + olive oil + parmesan + havarti
antipasti salad
peach + cilantro bruschetta
bacon wrapped shrimp + almond stuffed dates
patatas bravas with aioli

I am inspired by things we have tried at various restaurants and
by pouring over cookbooks that I get from the library!

But here are some legit sources for TAPAS that may inspire you...

Martha Stewart

BBC Good Food

Food & Wine

What are you all up to this weekend?!

Will you take up Pope Francis' call with me and my family to
fast and pray for Syria and our own nation?

Also - if you follow on Instagram { @thelilyfield } I'm going to be
selling off a handful of my gently worn, brand name, clothing items!!!
Will be taking payment via PayPal || FREE SHIPPING! Be there.
STARTS SATURDAY {9/7} NIGHT - runs through MONDAY {9/9} evening!!!

We are also looking forward to celebrating Mary's (Jesus' momma!) birthday
on Sunday with a cook-out with friends! Stay tuned for all the details concerning
why we as Catholics DO NOT worship Mary. It's gonna be a good time!!!

Peace out.

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  1. Oh that all looks so yummy. I love how often you and your husband have date nights!

    1. It was so easy to make too, Katie!!!! I loved that about the dishes we chose. I didn't have to stand around the kitchen waiting - we just ate, drank... and enjoyed being married!!!! XO

  2. I love how you end your post with "peace out", right after it says "Stay tuned for all the details concerning why we as Catholics DO NOT worship Mary." haha

    1. Aww haha meant nothing by it, really :-) But I hope to shed some peace on the subject as topics like this aid in the breakdown of the unity of Christ and His church. Hope you'll be back!!!


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