Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Reliving Our First Date

Labor Day, 7 years ago... Nathan and I had our first official date!
I grew up in a small town. If you blinked while driving by, you'd miss it.
Every year, for 93 years now, they throw a Labor Day celebration -
complete with a good 'ole down-home parade of mostly tractors,
bingo, music, ball games, food, etc!!!

This year we went back with both our kids for the first time!
It was different... mainly because we couldn't stare longingly into each other's
eyes or have a deep heart-to-heart conversation for longer than 10 seconds
before one of our children was trying to join the parade or get run over by
a passing tractor. Kids! We're trying to re-live some memories here...
memories that are the foundation of your very lives! No. Big. Deal.

We also camped out for the weekend at this place we like to call "the club."
Another place that's like home to me - another place that we spent a lot of time when dating!
Just an old beach and park club that we visit to escape the world. It's wonderful.
Full of cottonwood trees and good-hearted people that wave and say "hi" whether
they know you or not. It's like the South... but totally located in the North.

WE HAD A THE BEST TIME. And seriously, our kids made it that much better.
So special to share such happy memories - and the old haunts with them!

Take Me There by Rascal Flatts on Grooveshark

Anyone watch Parenthood the series?! My family SO reminds me of the
Braverman clan here... all the aunts and uncles, cousins, grandma and grandpa
gathered to cheer on one of our own in the Teen Idol competition!!!
He took 2nd place!

Walking down memory lane all day is exhausting! Wonderful, but exhausting!

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  1. I love this. The small town stuff. And I love your skirt!

    1. Oh I love it too!!!! Sometimes I feel so displaced living up near the big 'ole city. I will always be a "small town" girl at heart!!! And thanks - totally thrifted that GAP skirt! Picked it up for $4. #awesome

  2. umm, yes! love me some parenthood!!!

    also totally feel like that will be us someday when it comes to reliving a romantic spot with our littles in tow. crazy loveable kids. :) they don't get the whole romance thing. haha!


    1. YEA! Another Parenthood fan! SO looking forward to the season premiere this month :-) It's so much fun, Nicole - reliving those cherished moments! But I have a feeling that when our kids are teenagers they are going to do that "fake vomiting" act if they have to be witness to all the lovely-dovey stuff! Lol.


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