Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Date Weekend || Run Away with Me

Nathan and I practically eloped. I like to say that it was an "organized elope-tion."
Webster, add that to the dictionary. Because we DID sent out invitations and all.

We both grew up South of Chicago, but decided to ditch the formalities of a "hometown wedding"
due to the crazy season of life that we found ourselves in. After dating for almost 4 years - it was time.
And the time came as we were both living out near Franciscan University where I was going to school.

West Virginia, I never, in a million years, would have guessed you'd be the state.
The state to witness our wedding and the birth of our first child.

It was perfect. And that word is imperfectly used to describe a moment in my life
that shines so brightly in my memory. It was a hot, August day - we said "I do" as our 110
guests watched us begin our history as Mr. and Mrs.

I wanted a Friday evening wedding with a reception under the stars.
And so we did it. Nathan and I planned every inch of every detail to give as a gift
to our family and friends who would attend... and it was magical.

Christmas lights hung in the pine trees, tiki torches lined the perimeters,
a bonfire roared on the edge of the woods, candlelight danced from face to face
as hors d'oeuvres were served, music swayed, and we laughed and loved with all who came to celebrate.

It had been 3 full years since we last returned to this place - this place where it all began.

...these pictures were shot out on the lawn where our reception was held...

Nathan and I ran away this past weekend to meander down memory lane together.
It was everything you'd imagine. Romantic. Sappy. Solemn. Celebratory.
My sister and her husband so kindly took our boys for the weekend...
so we had a few days in a row to just BE "us".

...this is the view near where we lived our first year together as man and wife...

We walked on campus, sipped smoothies from the student center,
danced in the rain, prayed, visited friends, attended so many fun homecoming activities.
Our hearts were full. And it was good.

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  1. that is so sweet. taking trips down memory lane are awesome, so good you guys got to do that.

    1. YES! We were so blessed to have the time away together! Thanks, girl! X O


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